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  1. gmoney

    Bear Mount

    just got my bear back todayMan told me 6'11" it looks really close to that rugged by Mark Sanders in AwahneeSuper nice brown cinnamon coat, on black and cinamon felt
  2. gmoney

    223 powders

    anyone get a hold of that cfe223 from hogdon, just saw it in the new VHA, more new toys to try
  3. gmoney

    International Scouts

    One of my tractor pulling buddies has one from the 70s with a factory diesel I think a mitsu? It is way cool. I think he also has a gasser too. You know the old saying use the red leave the rest in the shed... there is one in riverbank at burtschi transport for sale in central valley I think blue with wht top.
  4. gmoney

    New yote gun

    We get a lot of runners at 250 plus yards with 204 I am a little dissapointed with mine. When I say runners its not to bad we find them within 100yds always expired. I think they loose a lot of energy in the splash wound, not like the 204 has tons of energy anyway, it sure shoots flat. All dogs under 250 have been drt
  5. gmoney

    How to spend my Christmas money?

    guide gun I got a ported one for a week more or so if you want to try
  6. gmoney

    Lever Action Rifles?

    the hardest thing is getting them to shoot in the leadfree zone, 30-30 is available easily, but all the other chamberings seem to be harder to come by. Usually corbon or buff bore, and you always have to order that stuff. that is my only complaint with the levergun chamberings. Reloading always takes care of that though.
  7. gmoney

    Lever Action Rifles?

    you know the other option would be an 1899 and cut it down some to a carbine, my son has one built in 1909 still shoots well, and its not fragile or anything
  8. gmoney

    Lever Action Rifles?

    I really like my big bore marlin but it is only good to 150yds, very short and easy to drag through the briar. If the country you hunt is anything like the country around oakhurst then you cant go wrong, this is not an open country gun. I could shoot that gummy tip ammo and get out to 200 probably. Any time we leave the area we always have this one in the truck, it rides in the truck pretty handy.
  9. gmoney

    My newest toy.

    that will give some something to swing on for a few hours, case feeder nice, auto index, nice. There is nothing like the blue equpment congratsBrandon
  10. gmoney

    357/38 lead free - anyone load for it?

    Also try north fork bullets for the big stuff omg these are bad to the bone
  11. gmoney

    Favorite Handgun

    They are all favorites thats why I got them. I will second the delta elite, its just nice to have. the problem with favorite is it is probably not your everyday gun, so my favorite is my FA, it is built very nice and gets attention when it is pulled out
  12. gmoney

    stream fishing long barn area

    I swear I know the guy on the right, name is failing me right now?
  13. New guns we just took on today on a rainy day. My boy shot the pc 500, he really was able to handle it well and enjoyed it very much. I am sure this gun will be going to the tree in 2011 more than a few times. The 1/2" hole is very impressive. I shot my Fa 454 (1st time), this gun is the polar opposite of the Smith, the gun is simple, crude, rude, and very abrupt, the gun itself is the fineset machining, fit and finish I have ever seen in a revolver that is not 30 plus years old. The recoil on the Fa is insanely severe, all the smooth edges feel like razors on recoil. This gun will definetely see time at the tree next year too. We were bored this everning and went out to the range on impulse for some quick action, a very nice evening.
  14. gmoney

    You All Should Know

    Dillon is the best cant beat blue for reloaders or new farm equipment .....lol
  15. gmoney

    crimped pimer socket

    http://www.dillonprecision.com/#/content/p...Super_Swage_600dillon tool is the best it has some real power