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    bass fishing

    223 a;ways 223 bob lol
  2. Shoot-it

    bass fishing

    crappie was really good deep fried
  3. Shoot-it

    bass fishing

    so I have access to the upper san joaquin river and for years never fished it but recently I found out a lot of bass is in it.I have been doing good just from the bank I ate a few bur mostly release the bigger ones..
  4. awesome pictures I would have never thought a hog would scare off a bear.
  5. Just go out in the desert here and shoot nobody will know..
  6. that was interesting some day I will try loading shotshells.
  7. I agree I liked that primary arms 4x16 you had on one of your Ar's you build so many I lost track which one it was..
  8. Oh come on they are great scopes so it gets blurry when you turn up the power.
  9. A quarter works great for taking off tubes .
  10. I didn't like that drop in the stock either but I got use to it since it was just a squirrel rifle.Looks like your set with the tnt green ! nice sand bag I have one just like it ...lol
  11. Nice gift you got to love those free states no 10 day waiting bs..
  12. Sorry to hear about your Dad doug. 25-06 is like my 260 not a common ammo to find on a shelf anymore at least where I am looking .
  13. Nice pistol shot kill you would have made a great pioneer no one would have gone hungry ...
  14. i think I found what you need its for that type of rifle. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1781238114/talley-lightweight-2-piece-scope-mounts-with-integral-extended-rings-savage-10-through-16-110-through-116-flat-rear-matte?cm_vc=ProductFinding
  15. Just be glad he didn't drill a hole in his hand.Right before his trip out here this guy goes and drops a heavy plate on his no no area and cuts his leg .. that should work out just great if you want it even lighter drill it out a little more.
  16. Wow make one typo and everyone loses their mind. I had good luck with Barnes on paper so far out of the 6.5..
  17. I been threw all that before its a pain in the butt the gmx seems to be picky to get them to group the barnes is a little easier I have found. If you ever go back to your 223 and shoot the ntx use 1.80 coal that's the ticked for those.
  18. I am always searching for a new load but with the lead ban coming I might have to settle.
  19. So I got lucky on my first powder choice using H4895 and my poa is also right on to go figure. The rifle is a savage 11 in 260..
  20. I have a real nice break you can have Matt it will take all recoil out of the Ar but its loud asf that's why I took it off..
  21. If pistol grips are ugly to you just get the scr lower.I wasn't trying to be a dick didn't realize you were so sensitive over your Ar.. Not sure if you see them but the butt stock is the same as a standard rifle and lower is different.the bolt works the same as a gas shotgun. https://fightlite.com/collections/scr-lower-receiver-assembly-kits
  22. That's ugly as sin Matt .mine is featureless to I run a fin on the grip and a thread protector also.Will probably change to the jt kill switch.
  23. Thordsen Gen 3 looks better .. https://www.thordsencustoms.com/frs-15-gen-iii-standard-stock-kit-black/
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