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  1. that was interesting some day I will try loading shotshells.
  2. Shoot-it

    Scope for 17HMR

    I agree I liked that primary arms 4x16 you had on one of your Ar's you build so many I lost track which one it was..
  3. Shoot-it

    Scope for 17HMR

    Oh come on they are great scopes so it gets blurry when you turn up the power.
  4. Shoot-it

    Pattern test

    A quarter works great for taking off tubes .
  5. Shoot-it

    New (To Me) Caliber

    I didn't like that drop in the stock either but I got use to it since it was just a squirrel rifle.Looks like your set with the tnt green ! nice sand bag I have one just like it ...lol
  6. Shoot-it

    Well, Happy Birthday to me

    Nice gift you got to love those free states no 10 day waiting bs..
  7. Sorry to hear about your Dad doug. 25-06 is like my 260 not a common ammo to find on a shelf anymore at least where I am looking .
  8. Shoot-it

    The Epitome of Handloading

    Nice pistol shot kill you would have made a great pioneer no one would have gone hungry ...
  9. Shoot-it

    Scope mount on savage 110e

    i think I found what you need its for that type of rifle. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1781238114/talley-lightweight-2-piece-scope-mounts-with-integral-extended-rings-savage-10-through-16-110-through-116-flat-rear-matte?cm_vc=ProductFinding
  10. Shoot-it

    The Epitome of Handloading

    Just be glad he didn't drill a hole in his hand.Right before his trip out here this guy goes and drops a heavy plate on his no no area and cuts his leg .. that should work out just great if you want it even lighter drill it out a little more.
  11. Shoot-it

    New coyote rifle

    Wow make one typo and everyone loses their mind. I had good luck with Barnes on paper so far out of the 6.5..
  12. Shoot-it

    New coyote rifle

    I been threw all that before its a pain in the butt the gmx seems to be picky to get them to group the barnes is a little easier I have found. If you ever go back to your 223 and shoot the ntx use 1.80 coal that's the ticked for those.
  13. Shoot-it

    Loaded 100 gr ttsx

    So I got lucky on my first powder choice using H4895 and my poa is also right on to go figure. The rifle is a savage 11 in 260..
  14. Shoot-it

    Loaded 100 gr ttsx

    I am always searching for a new load but with the lead ban coming I might have to settle.
  15. Shoot-it

    Went featureless and loving it!

    I have a real nice break you can have Matt it will take all recoil out of the Ar but its loud asf that's why I took it off..
  16. Shoot-it

    Went featureless and loving it!

    If pistol grips are ugly to you just get the scr lower.I wasn't trying to be a dick didn't realize you were so sensitive over your Ar.. Not sure if you see them but the butt stock is the same as a standard rifle and lower is different.the bolt works the same as a gas shotgun. https://fightlite.com/collections/scr-lower-receiver-assembly-kits
  17. Shoot-it

    Went featureless and loving it!

    That's ugly as sin Matt .mine is featureless to I run a fin on the grip and a thread protector also.Will probably change to the jt kill switch.
  18. Shoot-it

    Went featureless and loving it!

    Thordsen Gen 3 looks better .. https://www.thordsencustoms.com/frs-15-gen-iii-standard-stock-kit-black/
  19. Shoot-it

    Lab Radar

    Nice group..
  20. Shoot-it

    And so it began

    Is this for competition shooting to ? or just hunting.
  21. Shoot-it

    Must Have!

    That's a great design .
  22. Very nice I hear a lot of hunters really like cds scopes.
  23. Shoot-it

    laser cutting

    That is very nice !
  24. Shoot-it

    Non lead for coyotes ?

    If I read it right non lead most be used for none game and" dove quail and snipe" is the only ones exempt correct ?? until 2019 then all is non lead..
  25. Shoot-it

    Non lead for coyotes ?

    thanks I will look into that.