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  1. ..............
  2. I hope Chris doesn't knock out the other light ...
  3. My first load with these 26 gr h335 and a col 2.180 col produced a 5 inch group at 100 yards,,,, normal col was better 2 inch 3 shot group... I abandoned the H335 it just does not like that powder the 35 gr ntx loves now i have some h 4895 loaded up going to run to my improvised range behind the dairy and test them. The river is so bad the road to my range is even under water...
  4. I want to see Simon and Bob sing karaoke drunk as a duet ...
  5. You don't want that it will just attract a bunch of japanese people and you won't be able to get any calling done..
  6. You know you want too..... .. Can you imagine scrolling threw 1,000 sounds ..holly chit !
  7. also the remote range is real good to no more holding your hand in the air to get reception ?
  8. I would say that meat cost more then that after all that time and money but well worth it.Next time check out YouTube on cutting up the deer its real easy to follow and it helps a lot.
  9. I did have mice until I put poison in the garage the mice ate a whole tray ! But it worked no more mice. Cats were to little at the time to help.
  10. You can have that one fore yourself...
  11. I think a wood top for the seat will be better to sit on..
  12. They are always in the way now the days are getting nicer out they go..I thought it was funny how that one decided to sit on my reloading tray while I was resizing my brass..
  13. These are my pet loads
  14. I have a problem my reloading tray has no room for my brass what do I need to fix this problem ... . .