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  1. Enjoyed reviewing this post! Just bought a Savage 17 Super Mag and think that a Contender pistol barrel will be required. Have a 17 Super Mag carbine barrel but, it needs adjustment. The damned forest fire has delayed my progress with the TC carbine.
  2. The bullet and load workup seems very comprehensive.
  3. Welcome to the pellet world.
  4. Eun Jin Sumatra, 22 caliber, PCP Of course you need the tank and a way to refill the air tank. But, 22 cal pellets in the 28 grain range stretches the range.
  5. Hummm,, You didn't mention Mountain Lions, Bears, Coyotes, Rattle Snakes, or Fox. Do you have illegals running pot gardens? Just comparing life in the east & west.
  6. In my long ago & short-lived archery experience I found the following applied to me. Short recurves were hardest to shoot accurately. I adapted to the long recurves fastest and found good accuracy. Compounds were adjustable for pull weight and were also easy to adapt to. I recently searched thru the debris of three moves and found the old compound and arrows. Stuff that was attached with adhesive was missing so have to go to bow shop and get some parts and get some hay bales and do some practice.
  7. Got the Contender barrel ordered. Ordered from Bullberry. I have had several Bullberry barrels and and the accuracy with all has been very good. We'll find out about this one around mid March. I selected a 20" length.
  8. Got the stuff ordered from MIDWAY, on their special order system for this ammo. Now, I have to order a new Contender barrel or a new gun. Sure hope it shoots well. I know a bunch of prairie dogs and ground squirrels that would like to sample this stuff.
  9. Only One? Well, after the first one they may grow on you! Marlin, T/C (carbine & pistol, S&W may still make the revolver on special order, Ruger did a Single Six, and don't forget the 17 Mach 2. Sorry, I just wander down 17 lane on occasion.
  10. Five. 1 pistol & 1 rifle that I purchased while passing through New Zealand in '68. 3 PCP rifles purchased within the last five years.
  11. Next will be the banning of internal combustion engines in the forest and grassland. After all breathing exhaust fumes is bad for all mammals. I guess that campfires should also be banned. Industrial activity such as coal mining, timber harvesting, oil wells, coal mines and natural gas wells will be OK if the companies make sufficient donations to appropriate political parties.
  12. The length of the bullet is most of what determines the twist rate required to stabilize it. The 50 gr Sierra Blitz measures .671 inches and the 36 grain Barnes Varmint Grenade measures .695 inches. My belief is that both of these bullets require approximately the same twist rate. When I start down the road that leads to decent accuracy with non-lead bullets I will measure the length of the lead and non-lead bullets and start with non-lead bullets of approximately the same length as the tried and true lead bullets. The BC will suck and I'll have to find new loads that give me the accuracy that I'm used to with the tried and true lead filled bullets. The bullets that Barnes recommends with a 1:12 twist barrel is the 50 gr TTSX. And they say you may need a faster twist. I'm so f*****g glad that we aren't poisoning the f*****g condor with the remains of lead filled bullets.
  13. On the rimfire 17's I max the pistol scopes at 3-12X Burris for the Contenders. For the the S&W revolver, I use a Weaver 2-6X. The Marlin rifle has a cheap 4-12X that requires some sight-in work every morning. Have to remember to get a replacement scope for it. Longest 17 Hummer shot was about 320 yds on a WY prairie dog. Knocked the sucker down with the first shot from the Marlin. While I was laying there, looking thru the scope and congratulating myself the darned dog got up and walked over to a hole and went down.
  14. Sounds like a good buy. Congrats.
  15. As I remember, the Lead Free law was passed and signed by Gov Brown. Now, he has to make a plan to implement & enforce the stupid law. So we wait for the next chapter.