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  1. Not bad, spotted burn areas, but still plenty of trees left.
  2. Friday my son and grandson came up for fathers day. Yesterday we loaded up my little boat, and went to stumpy meadows to troll for trout. We had several hookups, but never got one to the net. It was a great day with my son and grandson, good fathers day present. Tom
  3. We need to do something but what? Writing to the idols don't help. Tom
  4. Happy birthday Bob. Tom
  5. Very nice Frank. Tom
  6. I love it John, I drive mine all over, Including to church on Sundays. Tom
  7. Thank you for posting the pictures Bob. Tom
  8. I sent them to Bisley. Tom
  9. Yes, I picked it up a week ago. Tom
  10. The spring was bad, I had to buy a new starter. Tom
  11. They will still make a good target. Tom
  12. Look what you started Rommel. Tom
  13. On a chevy truck the starter bolts will loosen up and bind the Bendix. I lost the top bolt. Tom
  14. News flash, After towing my new log splitter home, my starter went out. I hope I get it fixed by Tuesday, I gotta pick up my new UTV. Tom
  15. They work well on striped bass in the Delta. Tom