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  1. Look what you started Rommel. Tom
  2. On a chevy truck the starter bolts will loosen up and bind the Bendix. I lost the top bolt. Tom
  3. News flash, After towing my new log splitter home, my starter went out. I hope I get it fixed by Tuesday, I gotta pick up my new UTV. Tom
  4. They work well on striped bass in the Delta. Tom
  5. The truck was repaired the next morning Tom
  6. I Will email pictures to Bob, maybe he can post them for me. Tom
  7. Today I went down to my Polaris dealer and ordered a new Polaris XP 1000 UTV I can pick it up on Saturday, after they install my accessories. Tom
  8. Looks good. Tom
  9. Thanks Verne, My bad, I hope to make it. We still need to meet up for a beer. Tom
  10. Bob, will you post the picture please.



    1. Bisley


      Done, deal my friend.

  11. I wish I could have gone, but I had to go to southern California last weekend. Tom
  12. I just can't believe how many people have been killed in California by gun stocks. (Smart A$$) Tom
  13. Good job on the Front sight, They are a class act. Tom
  14. I like my Caldwell table, it fits in a carrying bag. it is very steady, I don't remember the price. Tom
  15. You better kill them dead, or they will bite you. Tom