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  1. Powder Funnel

    I have a Satern funnel for my 204, works great. The RCBS funnel just didn't work well at all.
  2. Radio's

    Check out Baofang
  3. Remington 700

    Never had a problem with the eight I have. Got my first one in 1975.
  4. Powders to work with

    That's a lot of powder. I only shoot up about 10 pounds a year.
  5. No Deer San Diego

    The area we use to hunt is at at the west end of the Milk Ranch Rd. North, and I don't now know but then it was the I will run you over if you are carrying a bow or rifle. The Martin Property.
  6. Case prep center

    I have used mine a lot over the last 20 plus years. You will enjoy using yours.
  7. No Deer San Diego

    Back in the 70s and early 80s we had a spot in the CNF that we used for deer and varmint hunting. We parked on 79 and hiked in on the Milk Ranch Rd. Back then mountain lions were not really a issue, never even saw any tracks. I had a late archery tag for dec and jan and had a day off during the week. I always like a evening hunt. So hiked into the spot by myself and got set up in a blind. I sat in the blind for a good 2 hours and didn't see a thing. I watched the sun sink into the pacific and called it a day. I was putting my day pack on when I herd this terrifying roar about 200 yards up the trail that is used to inter exit the area. No way was I going out that way. I made a wide circle and headed back Sometimes I would go in there with friends but a lot of times I went in there by myself and made the 2.5 or 3 mile hike out in total darkness. No way would I do that now.
  8. reloading were to start

    I'm in Lakeside if you need a hand.
  9. I have a Remington 700 Varmint Special in 22-250 that needs a new barrel. Can any one recommend a place I have it rebarreled. I know it will not be cheap. Thanks
  10. Ranch hunting...

    Corte Madera.
  11. 50 cal question

    Nothing like shooting a Ma Deuce.
  12. Recommendations on reloading equipment brand

    Can't go wrong with RCBS or Dillon.
  13. Sheridan CB9 .20 CAL

    Are the old style Sheridan 5mm pellets still available? How do the JSB's shoot compared to the old Sheridan pellets? Are thay locally available or do you order them on line.
  14. Sheridan CB9 .20 Cal...

    I still have mine, got it for Christmas in 1966. At the time my mom bought it from the Stanley Andrews Sporting Goods Store in the Clairemont Quad for 29.95. Just about every day after school we would go hunting in the canyon that was close to our house.