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  1. Spot and stalk, got the shot off at 30 yds.
  2. That's awesome Desert Fox. My friend has that same calibre in one of his rifles. He has an 800 yd plus kill on a coyote with it.
  3. I ended up buying the Vortex PST 4x16 50 in. SFP MOA. I have been using my friends Leupold and have liked it. We loaded up some rounds and got things sighted in. He ran some drop charts from a program he has and the seemed right on. I was breaking clay targets at 400 yds off of sandbags. Very impressed with this Rem 700 ADL 243 converted to 243AI. A basic rifle that is so far shooting .75 MOA and still not finished breaking the barrel in. Will get the new scope mounted on Sunday and go on a hunt the weekend after.
  4. You could shoot it that way Thumperdunker.It is challenging either way.
  5. Microtus:If you decide that you might go let me know via message.
  6. http://nevadacountysportsmen.com/uploads/turkey_shootNov24_2013.pdf If you haven't tried 3D come out and shoot. The venue is one of the best in the state.
  7. Good deal. Frontline was where I bought my first bow. John really takes care of his customers.
  8. Did you buy the bow from Frontline?
  9. It is not a matter of justifying for a price difference between a basic simple scope or one with more capabilities. The price is not a problem. I look into features, capabilities etc etc in most everything I buy. I am a believer in buying nice as opposed to buying twice. Some people don't like features that they are not familiar with at that is fine that is THEIR choice. I like to look at the capabilities and how it would benefit my application. I used a simple 4x40 scope with a 30-30 as a kid and it was fine for the way it was used at that time hunting in South Texas from blinds over feeders. Some people like open sights, some like black powder, some like long bows. It is THEIR choice plain and simple. I do respect others opinions and not trying to be argumentative just exploring the possibilities.
  10. I am a fan/believer in Vortex optics have owned several of their Binocs as well as a strike fire. I live minutes from Sportsmans Warehouse in Rocklin and made the quick trip to check out their Vortex offerings. The young guy at the counter was extremely knowledgeable on the Viper line. He mentioned that he owned a couple and we discussed the FFP in hunting applications etc etc. That lighted reticle is really nice.
  11. The scope currently looking at is the Vortex Viper PST 4-16x50. Like the features ie illuminated reticle, 1/4 MOA adjustments,side focus, turrets can be acquired for a dead hold and of course FFP or SFP are options. A friend that is local is a fan of Leopolds, he has several and will let me try them out before I make a purchase.
  12. Never considered jackrabbits as "game". Not up on my list of animals to eat. Survival situations another matter. Seems like there is no limit and no season opening/closing dates for them.No tags to buy like a pig. Never mentioned any distances, this could easily vary to hundreds of yards. My initial thoughts on this type of scope was for a 243 but thinking it might not be a bad option hunting big game as well. Will keep looking up info on FFP in a hunting application. Thanks for the input john
  13. Addtl articleshttp://www.primalrights.com/forum/article.php?a=2562 Anotherhttp://www.primalrights.com/forum/article.php?a=2607
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