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  1. I was pulled over when I was on my way to go pig hunting in Bradley. I made the mistake of speeding in a rental car on Jolon road. The MP that stopped me was pretty nice. He asked me where I was going hunting and wanted to check out my guns. I couldn't find the rental agreement in the car so he ran the plate. The rental company had reported the car stolen a couple of weeks before but when they got it back they forgot to tell the police. Then cops from town showed up. One was a young guy with a bad attitude he started searching my car for no reason. Then when he came up empty he started running my guns to see if they were stolen. But he was so dumb that he couldn't figure out how to open my single shot the he cant find the serial number right on the top of it I explained to him that the gun was brand new and to be careful. He gave me this look like I just shot his dog. I had made a grave mistake of leaving a few shells in the side pocket of my rifle case the last time I went to the range. So they had me. The MP explained that since the gun and bullets were together they could take my gun. I told them that I was from Montana and that I thought my guns were securely stowed in my locked truck. The MP finished writing my speeding ticket and told me to be careful and slow down. He said that the cops from town wanted to arrest me for the "stolen" car, but he believed me about the car and he knew that I had made a simple mistake with the ammo. He had the experience and wisdom to see that I was a good guy and let me go.
  2. My gun really likes the federal powershok 80 grainers. My gun has 1 in 10 twist. I see your gun has a twist of 1 in 9 1/8 so it should shoot them well also. I like how these buck the wind on longer shots.
  3. Browning bps hands down
  4. How much more do you think the .750 barrel is? I would almost bet that a 16" fluted medium barrel with a relief brake weighs as much as your 18" barrel.
  5. You should find out what they used to test your rifle. Sounds like they had a load that worked. I would have went with a thicker barrel maybe a .875" Varmint or a .750" medium. In match grade with flutting and muzzle brake. Calibers available @ this price. (7.62x39, 7.62x.308 bore only in .750" diameter barrel and gas block.) 6.5 Grendel, 6mm PPC, 6.8 SPC, 22PPC, are available in 1", .875" and .750" diameters.
  6. I think it may be cheaper to just have it converted. I can get a .750 medium barrel in any lenth and the twist I want. Plus I can get any of that stuff put on including rails,guards, etc. My friend got a SOCOMs and it is very cool with all the stuff and it shoots really well but it cost 1900 dollars. I think accuracy systems will do my gun for around 950 and thats with a new custom thumbhole stock.
  7. I just got a mini 30 in a trade from one of my friends. So the next step is a new barrel in 308, some trigger work and a new gas block. I found a place that converts them in colorado called accuracy systems. Has anyone ever heard of them? Or even better has anyone ever had them convert a mini 14 or mini 30. They claim they can produce a mini that will shoot sub moa.
  8. What do you use to sharpen your knives? It makes a big difference on how sharp they get. Some knives are made out of harder steel so they hold a sharper edge that wears less. I use a set of wet stones to keep my old knives sharp and a diamond scraper sharpener for my new knives. You might want to check out the wyoming knife, it comes with disposable blades that are about as sharp as you can get. It has a gut hook and a caping blade. I think they even make one with a large handle that you can hold with winter glove.
  9. Knives are like ice cream everyone has a favorite flavor. I use a couple of knives that my Dad traded an old finn knifemaker for. He made them out of old files with carved elk antler handles. You can keep them razor sharp, plus they fit my hand really well no matter how I hold them, super tough combined with good balance makes them almost the ideal knife for me. Plus it reminds me of my Dad and makes me feel like he is there with me.
  10. He looks very sturdy and calm. How old is he? How many hands? What's its name?
  11. If your set on a bolt then you should check out the chipmunk rifle made by rogue. My dad bought me one when I was about 4. Nice little gun.
  12. I used to have a full auto bb gun that used freon canisters. It had enough power to totally destroy a hollow core door. The gun made a very destinctive sound like a high pitched hiss with some sharp clicking.
  13. I bought my little brother a Rossi matched set for his birthday. It came with a synthetic stock and 3 barrels. 22 lr,20 gauge,243. I like the fact it has an exposed hammer and a sturdy safety and its a single shot. Plus with the extra barrels they can use when it comes time to shoot something bigger. You can easily use t/c scopemounts because the rifle barrels come tapped .
  14. I just ordered a Benelli Montefeltro left handed model. When I first picked up the montefeltro I fell in love, and I had to have one of my own. Now I just have to wait a few months for delivery. My all time favorite is still the Winchester model 101 that my dad bought at the factory.
  15. I put a camo one on my encore rifle and a black one on my encore pistol. Pretty solid and light. I like that you don't have to worry about the rings coming loose.