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  1. I used a dental tool to clean out the last remnants of flesh on mine. Your nose will tell you when it’s done.
  2. Thanks John I’ll keep you guys posted and give a heads up if a red light is needed
  3. I know taxidermists are all artists and get a bit lost from time to time regarding schedules but My taxidermist has had my deer since November 2017. I have called him several times and always get the Old I will call you when it is done. Going on two years I am wondering if he lost somehow. I am in Orange County and he works out of his garage in HB. I’m getting frustrated and am thinking about going to his place to get my deer back no matter what the condition and just take somewhere else. Suggestions?
  4. I use the spitfire with cs24? Speaker. I have used this set up for about three years and called in tons of totes of which I have shot about 20. I also use a mojo critter decoy set up. I started with a promos power dog but the remote never worked right even when they replaced it. I don't find myself using more than ten different sounds at most so the spitfire is fine for what I need. I would definitely recommend fox pro for their e callers.
  5. I use a foxpro spitfire with an external speaker and have pretty good succes with reliability and the customer service is great as well as the available downloads. My buddy has a primos something or other and doesn't even bring it out any more with the remote control problems he has.
  6. evans gunsmithing and pistol range in orange
  7. the hide has been back for about six months maybe longer I have kind of written the whole thing off as the more I think about how many times I've been told next month it will be done I just get angry and thats no good. It would not bother me a bit to wait an amount of time that ends up being roughly on target but I have been given multiple completetion dates that never seem to happen and now if I call the guy he gets pissed at me...so I just told him call me when its ready. I will be stopping by though to see what he has done up until now. Thanks everyone for the support and good hunting
  8. Just curious...my taxidermist has had my bear hide for a year and half. I brought to him in October 2008 and he is still not done with the rug. He keeps telling me just a few more weeks...something came up etc etc. My understading was that a rug would take roughly 12 months to tan and mount. This is quickly heading toward two years. Can I take what he has done...pay for it then give it to someone that can actually finish the job? any suggestions would be helpful.Good HuntingPaul
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