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  1. keale73

    Lawrance Mark 5X

    I have the 596 HD DI on my Ranger and love it. My fishing partner has the 5x and it's pretty good too but the Humminbird has everything included.
  2. keale73

    New FoxPro Firestorm

    Bought a new FoxPro Firestorm at Bass Pro today. Went to a local hunting spot to try it out and called in...... a pack of stray dogs. Pretty happy with the ease of function and the sound. No shots fired this evening but tomorrow is another day and i'm on vacation this week Anyone have any problems with this model? Range, battery life, sounds?
  3. keale73

    Cabela's iPhone App

    It works ok but I would not trust the BLM maps that it uses. It shows some property in an area I work that I know for sure is private. It gives you a good idea of where there is public land but you should buy the BLM or FS maps to be absolutely sure before hunting. I think it works great for checking where you have been while on a hunt but unless you hunt where there is cellular service it is way overpriced. I would not recommend it to any of my friends. It's kind of a cool novelty but not useful while hunting. Just my opinion though.
  4. keale73

    the start of my AR squirrel plinker.

    Nice Camo too!
  5. keale73

    Almost Done!!!

    I gotta screamin' deal on the lower, and didn't upgrade anything from Del-ton except the 10.00 green stocks.
  6. keale73

    Almost Done!!!

    Actually there is not even a magazine catch in it yet. Del-ton complete rifle kit less a stripped lower. Lower is a PRK. Cheapo Nc Star 4X tri rail scope. Can't wait to sight it in.
  7. keale73

    slow 45acp & 44 spcl

    I use 4.5 gr of Winchester 231 under a 230gr LRN. Been working great for me for years.
  8. keale73

    Almost Done!!!

    Just under 650 for El Cheapo truck gun!!!!
  9. keale73

    New Savage - gotta send it back already

    Write them a long letter about how dissatisfied you are with their customer service and their product. Make them buy the rifle back and get a 700
  10. keale73

    ATI shot gun stock

    Have one on my 500, kicks pretty well. Great trade off for the collapsability especially in the winter months with a jacket on
  11. keale73

    Holster choices

    Probably going to have to get a "universal" type holster with a platform. Great way to carry if you do a lot of glassing or prone shooting
  12. keale73

    GPS SPY anyone use this?

    Sounds pretty cool, but who else can "monitor" the GPS location of your camera?
  13. keale73

    Howa Axiom

    Howa Ranchland is only 439$ and comes in sand, green, or black Hogue overmold. A buddy of mine has one and it shoots just as good as my Rem700 any day of the week. Aside from not having a detachable magazine the Howa is awesome. Axiom is a good rifle but takes some serious coin to be had.
  14. keale73

    shot gun question

    If it's a legal length, use it for home defense and really close varmints! I take mine when I hunt for close shots and for when walking down the trail.