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  1. Here is a pic of the BowTech Sniper pkg $625 arrows and release included. Best bang for your buck!!!!!!!!
  2. Does anyone have a load for the barnes varmint granade .204 26gr hp bullet. any help would be great.
  3. Check out this web site for airguns they have all the way up to .50 cal
  4. lets say D6 opens Aug 16th for archery at the same time so does bear for that zone archery only. hope that helps
  5. give a little time the muscle will work in it is one that you are not used to using if you turn your limbs down make sure you do it equally 1 turn on top 1 turn on the bottom or it will move your nok set up and down. and do not go out more than 4 turns from bottom.
  6. Nice paint job looks real good.
  7. .17 machII is all I shoot for coons and foxes no damage to the pelts and it drops em outa the tree quick and the noise seems limited and the ammo is cheaper.
  8. 25-06 is all I shoot for hogs it is fine for deer even at longer ranges remamber that cartridge was invented for pronghorn hunts on the prairies or so i have heard.
  9. bet they taste good
  10. I have 1976 rounds through my howa .22-250 and still holding 3/4" group at 200yrds I am shooting sierra 50 grn blitzking and 34 grns IMR 3031
  11. I finaly got around to post it.
  12. this is my new Howa .204
  13. I thought the same that you painted it blue but duh looks very nice