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  1. callcrazyaz

    New rifle

    Zeke when you get the new rifle and test it out please give us a field report. I have a Savage 93r17-17hmr and love it, only my 17 HH has more squirrel kills than the 93. Stock up on ammo now it's only 7 more month till they'll be up running around again! Joe
  2. callcrazyaz

    Long Range Bug

    BOB,that wind comes from all those PIN WHEELS up on the mountain.
  3. callcrazyaz

    Need help reloading tray

    PLUG the cat. One of the two ways will work.
  4. callcrazyaz

    Good Deal

    Braz. I would like to apologize I would never make lite of anyone's handicap. I was thinking about large fingers double tapping & side stepping small computer keys. Bisley Thank for your above post. I'm sincerely sorry for any hurt feelings. Joe
  5. callcrazyaz

    Good Deal

    Braz that snow you have must have your finger frozen stiff! your spelling made me L O L I know it was just TYPO'S But fun to read. Stay worm, Joe
  6. callcrazyaz

    Ruger 17 Hornet

    Why are you selling ,Rich?
  7. callcrazyaz

    WTB 221 fireball reloading dies

    Anyone have a set for sale????? Thanks but it took too long to approve this post and I found a set elsewhere !! Joe
  8. callcrazyaz

    Xmas Present To Me

    Congrats on the new shootin' iron ED, Are you on the NET or still on your Phone? Have a Marry Christmas and stay close to the fire, Joe
  9. callcrazyaz

    DIY - Javelina Skull

    That turned-out real nice. Joe
  10. callcrazyaz

    17 hornet

    Tom204,Tell us about the new shooter? I have a mod 25 Savage with a Boyd's t-hole stock, it's so muck fun to shoot you can see all your hits as skippy learns to fly! Joe
  11. callcrazyaz

    New Semi-Automatic Rifle: Savage .17 HMR

    John if you're having a hard time shooting that ammo you can send it down here ,my son &i con help you ont. HA HA Joe
  12. callcrazyaz

    Ammo Score!

    Cabelas in phoenix had a bunch last week, I think about $18.95 some what high but you came find it. Joe
  13. callcrazyaz

    Half Of Me Said Do It Other half Said Don't

    Hey Bill don't forget your Arizona friend on the brass Go shooting Joe
  14. callcrazyaz

    Ammo Score!

    Save your brass, I could use a hundred more, just saying. Thanks Joe
  15. callcrazyaz

    Hunting trip

    get in contact with 4NDone0331