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  1. OldBlue70

    17 HM2

    wow what does he charge and what is the action in the stock?
  2. OldBlue70

    17 HM2

    Thinkin about getting a 17 HM2. What do you guys like about them and what guns do you like? I want a semi auto, somthing utility like a 10/22.
  3. OldBlue70

    What's your Go To rifle?

    30/30 Savage 170 pump
  4. OldBlue70

    Best Overall Hunting Rifle

    one that shoots straight
  5. OldBlue70


    It was not as clear as I wanted even after cleaning. I also want a bit more magnification 6x24 may be too much but 9 was not enough. at 200yrds I could hit a clay target consistantly but the cross hairs where the size of the target at that range so it was easy to miss because I had very little adjustment to make. I would like to be able to make 300 yard shots consistantly. The 3x9 was not gettin that done with tight enough groups. Thank you p.s. I think I may go for a 4x12
  6. OldBlue70


    Well I put this Redfield on my 308 and zeroed it at 200yrds, but dont care for it too much. I will put it on my 30/30. I want something with more optic power. My friend had a 6x24 on his gun and I like the view it had, problem is it was a BSA and he said it would not hold up on my gun. He has a .17HMR, is this true of BSA?
  7. OldBlue70

    Its a gold fish,

    yes I think they will. They have hit real ones for me.
  8. OldBlue70

    first rifle

    in how hard it hits, my Rem 700 308 sps hits less then my Rem 870 12g. I just shot both today and was surprised. Both are tactical short barrel. Oh and I now love that 308.
  9. OldBlue70

    remington 700 sps .308 win bolt won't close

    took mine out for the first time today. The bolt is tight but not bad. I love it, and I had no problems at all.
  10. OldBlue70

    Ghillie suit

    please do. thank you
  11. OldBlue70

    Ghillie suit

    Anyone know of a store in the Sac area that sells ghillie suits? Or it the internet the best source?
  12. OldBlue70


    Got off the phone with him. He says it the Tracker model 3x9x32 Year unknown. I will see it wednesday and see if I can tell where it was made and that may help find out the vintage. Is this enough or should I get something with different optics?
  13. I don't know what it is other than a Redfield scope. Original. Not a Leopald remake, or Meade. My brother in law has it and he said that it would work great on my Rem 700 SPS 308. Is this brand even worth looking at? What optic range would you recommened for it? Bench/deer/varmant shooting.
  14. OldBlue70

    Oh No Not Another One!

    what does something like that cost?
  15. OldBlue70

    Don't know if this would help