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  1. Air rifles are not classified as firearms in the state of California, that is why they were exempted from the non-lead ammo law.
  2. That last group is great, Fjold.
  3. Locnload

    Fishing in Texas

    Geez, that is some great fishing. Nice.
  4. I have always read that the .22 hornet is good out to 200 yards on coyotes.
  5. Crazy numbers. How about we limit the number of cats? Liberal heads will explode in.....1....2.....
  6. Feral cats, someone told me, kill more birds than hunters do.
  7. I bit the bullet a couple of years ago and bought some Swaros. Best binoculars I have looked through.
  8. Nice. What is the sound level of the Bulldog? Pretty quiet? Velocity? Grain of pellet?
  9. Wow, nice stringer of fish. Congrats.
  10. Nice. Can I go shooting with him?
  11. Locnload

    New rimfire

    I shot the A22 (35 gr), the 40 gr. Hp, and the 30 gr. (+V). All CCI. I am going to pick one and make sure it is hitting where I want, then shoot until I run out, then go to the next bunch.
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