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  1. I bought these and found a set of Steiners for my son. These are as-new, never out of the house, never opened the straps that come with them. The box has a tear, but other than that come with everything a new set has, pouch, straps, etc.$85 shipped
  2. Starting to thin out my Berger bullets that I will never get to.I have 2 ea 1000 packs ( Berger PN-20703, lot 6125) that I would like to fund a new purchase with.It feels like I can get both in a medium flat rate if I open the cellophane and fold the boxes. I would like $500 shipped for both, new never opened.I have 3 boxes of #204030- 30 grain match 100 count. The breakdown is: 2 each of lot 449, and a partial box lot 511 box with 79 each with shipping - all 3 for $85I have 2 boxes of 20002, 30 grain match 100 ct lot 125. $70 with shipping1 box 20303 also 35 grain match as above, but different part number. $30 not shippedThank youAllen
  3. It happens to my Remington 700 in 280 remington, weighs 8.5# all wet. Have you shot it for groups using a full magazine? I suspect bullet flight isn't much different if they are pointed or a little blunt nosed out to 200 yards. Allen
  4. Good point. I really need to get a wheel for the side focus scope and set it, completely forgot that many competition guys use that in field coarse shooting. And good point about horizontal distance for up shooting. Thanks Allen
  5. Thanks Yea, I am down in Anaheim and was thinking of swinging by Tim's of Mac1 and getting one of his tuned guns with the newer synthetic stock before returning home. I got mine in wood from him ~ 2 years ago, but his warning on his website is they are much louder and the less shot issue is a big difference from my 22 Marauder. But, I would shoot it where it doesn't matter that much. My 22 has taken crows up to 40 yards, but I have hit a few "varmint" birds and had them fly off, leaving feathers but I doubt they lived long. The 25 seems a better choice if I can determine the drop as well as you do. What do you range them with? I don't think my Bushnell mile ranger would work that well, but haven't tried it on game enough to verify that. Back to the hunt for Mickey...lol Allen
  6. That video is really good. I am thinking about getting another Marauder in 25 caliber to add to my 22 cal , how is the trigger , noise and accuracy on this gun? Hoping you are familiar with the Marauder, I really like the 22 with a sound deadner ( vinyl tube in air tube) and the great trigger set about 10 or less ounces. I did see the 25 Marauder notes on sound and less shots per fill and decided to hold off, until this video,,,lol Thanks Allen
  7. That is way cool. I see another driver on ebay, http://www.ebay.com/itm/12W-Power-Supply-Driver-Transformer-for-LED-Strip-Lights-DC-12V-1A/231358959488?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D29310%26meid%3D2c269742c6d54a56b24b2ccdee110625%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26mehot%3Dpp%26sd%3D291329439862&rt=nc That looks like yours with the yellow end, but it is 12w vs 18w of the one you posted. Question, it looks like to make the corners you had to cut and bridge the pieces with soldered on wires, can a person use flux core solder with a small iron to connect these, and do you flux the strip first? I haven't done more than solder 14 gauge lamp type wire ( tv wire I think), never connected to a strip like this. I also see some "clamp" style connectors to lay the end of the strip in and clamp vs wire, does the power supply have to have wires added to the led strip, or is that for the same reason as the joining of the pieces? Looks like a cool upgrade. Allen
  8. Thanks I didn't realize, other than threading the action for a threaded barrel installation, there was much to true up to make them more accurate. I'll look closer on rimfirecentral. Allen
  9. Sounds like a good project. Who will you send it to for trueing up the action and barrel? Allen
  10. Thanks Got another season's worth of ammo, LOL Allen
  11. The trout on Camanche are shallow. We run spinners or spoons on a 24" leader behind a 1 ounce pencil lead and have been doing well, catching black bass and Rainbows.
  12. No problem at all Rich. I suspected , but hoped it might be, that wasn't the installed price. And I really wanted the original poster to see that there is more to installation prices than just paying for a good barrel. The OP can do as he wishes, heck Green mountain makes a very inexpensive stick, but for a decent rebarrel, in my opinion, some added information should be told. If you are going to spend decent money on a new, fast twist barrel and expect it to shoot sub 3/4" groups to kill small critters with some regularity, a person would be wise to also include trueing the action. There are rebarrelled rifles that shoot worse than factory sticks and IMHO some folks expect to shoot great groups due to a new barrel installation. Unless you get that in writing ( good luck) a person could very well shoot worse after spending a wad of cash, especially if a new stock is needed. I suspect unless the OP reloads, my point is, why rebarrel? If I understand correctly, the path I would take is put the action in a stock and shoot it, then decide if a new barrel is needed, or worth the $. A person with a free barreled action can spend more $ than buying an OTC Remington, but maybe I am thinking too much on trying to save someone from tossing money down a hole. Some people love mauser 98's and spend $ to work them over, not me. I hope the OP understands that rebarreling a unknown barreled action is at best a can of worms that I wouldn't open, but if it is sentimental, I would put a stock on it and shoot the girl as it was given to him first. Then based on how it shoots, decide what to do next, buy lots of ammo and shoot it, or rebarrel it. Allen
  13. Rich Sounds like a great purchase. Who chambered and installed the Krieger for $335? Remington action? Thanks Allen
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