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  1. I have heard that there is something that attaches to your magazine (i guess) with an easy flip up tool to drop the magazine quickly instead of fumbling for a tool when using the bullet button. Has anyone heard of a product like this? Would it be legal in California to have a tool like this mounted to the lower receiver instead of the magazine? Dennis
  2. Hey thanks StoneTower. That was one of the better websites I have seen for mounts. Have you ordered from them? They have a lot of goodies! Dennis(the link...[/url] "
  3. Did you have any luck? Were they in stock?
  4. Thanks Bronco, those look like pretty nice rings.
  5. Check Model 1 sales, I think they had the same upper a little cheaper... PK Firearms had mine delivered in 5 business days.
  6. Thank you for the responses. If I had to build it again I could have saved some loot. But sometimes my need for instant gratification gets the best of me! I purchased my lower stripped receiver for $150.00 plus $25.00 FFL dookie. It is a Stag lower. Good rep and a lifetime warranty. The trigger I bought ($60.00) is a standard military issue single stage from Stag. It's a little heavy pull so I'm thinking on the Gisselle 2 stager. The pistol grip is a Houge which feels great in the hand and costs around $25.00. The stock is a regular joe blow but lacks a good cheek weld. Magpul is what will replace it. The bullet button costs around $20.00 and is required in California. Easy to use but it sucks. I keep a 25-06 full metal jacket bullet in my pocket as my tool. I purchased a complete upper for $625.00. Here's the link - It took 5 buisiness days to arive at my door. (instant gratification ) the upper is a RRA bolt carrier with an ER Shaw 24" Stainless steel varmint heavy barrel with 1/12 twist chambered in .204 Ruger, 2 pc solid free float tube with bipod stud and A3 flat top receiver. The scope is a Leupold VX-I 3-9x50mm. I payed $250.00 plus $50.00 or so for the sun shield and caps. I want to replace the Weaver scope rings with something removeable. Any suggestions would be great! Will this throw off my accuracy? And last but not least, I do not know the weight of the rifle because I do not think bathroom scales are very accurate. Maybe I can take it to the Post Office and have them weigh it? . Last but not least again, I just finished breaking in the barrel. I cleaned after every shot for the first 10 rounds, every other shot for the next 10 and every 3 shots for the next 10 rounds. I will post my results next time I get to the range. They were pretty tight off my bi-pod but I think a new trigger, good bench rest and no coffee will squeeze them holes right up! I hope I answered all your questions and please try not to laugh too hard at what I spent! I'm happy with it and it only took me 3 weeks to build! I'd do it again! Here's one of two pics... Dennis
  7. It's a 24" E.R. Shaw barrel with RRA upper, Stag lower. Don't much care for the stock and thinking on a Gisselle 2 stage trigger. I'm done breaking in the barrel, now to go pop some critters! It's still a virgin!
  8. New toy built in .204 Ruger. Can't wait to try it out!