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  1. Hot Brass

    Bought a Kalibrgun Cricket .25

    Love this gun. I get out to hunt pigeon and ground squirrel quit a bit. It is topped off with a Primary Arms 4-14x44 MD FFP. Longest shot so far is 100yds on a pigeon. Zeroed at 50yds it packs a wallop.
  2. Hot Brass

    Making a Silent Pellet Trap...

    I made a few traps, and finally bit the bullet and purchased an Archer trap. Glad I did.
  3. Hot Brass

    Can't shoot my guns :(

    Damn CBR, hate to read this. I pray that you make a full recovery.
  4. Make it in 25 cal and I will bite.
  5. Hot Brass

    My New (but used) .22 Sumatra 2500 Carbine

    Congrats, looking forward to hear how this turned out.
  6. Hot Brass

    My 1st build;

    Nice build. I am slowly putting together a 1377. So far I have added a Crosman steele breech, had the trigger worked over, BKL rings, and an NC Star 2-7x32 handgun scope. It is a fun shooter.Again, congrats on the build.
  7. Hot Brass

    Air gun meet and greet

    Thank you.
  8. Hot Brass

    Deciding which pellet rifle to buy

    Iam, I hunt with my airguns. I have NO PROBLEM getting the job done with .177 pellets. The secret? Accuracy, and shot placement. A good hit with .177, .20, .22, or .25 will kill all of the game we hunt, that SHOULD be hunted with these calibers. I mainly hunt ground squirrels. .177 is faboulous. I like head and shoulder shots.An RWS Mod 34 will serve you well.
  9. Hot Brass

    Scope for 17HMR rifle

    If you live near a WalMart, the Center Point 4-16x40 Mildot scopes are one of the best bang for the buck out there.
  10. Hot Brass

    Air gun meet and greet

    Thank you for the reply. How many shots per fill from each gun?
  11. Hot Brass

    NcSTAR Pistol Scope

    I have been looking for a scope to mount on my 1377. Thanks for the tip.
  12. Hot Brass


    Nice guns.
  13. Hot Brass

    Finally! Private Land Rabbit Hunt Success!

    Rabbit wrapped in bacon, looks very tasty. I can do without the snakes.
  14. Hot Brass

    Such a deal!

    Sweet buy, congrats.