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  1. Zeke588

    Bodega bay

    I’d rather not be side by side with everyone lol. Been there done that. Not only do you land crab nets on everyone else’s the sea lions smell all the bait and steal it. Not worth it in my opinion.. I’ll stick to inland fishing for now haha
  2. But I guess that’s the way it goes. I took my daughter fishing Sunday at a local pond. Don’t know what’s in there so you can never go wrong with a worm and a hook. Set out poles out there. Just hung out enjoying the crisp day till her pole gets slammed its her first catfish and she’s stoked about it. All on that little blue Disney pole you see in the back!
  3. Zeke588

    Bodega bay

    I went out to bodega today, took my fiancé and my daughter. Went to the north jetty poke poling caught a monkey faced eel and a rockfish. Was out for about an hour and a half at low tide before my daughter got cold so we hiked back up left. Did not get a picture of the eel before I filet’d it but it was about 16 inches. Was not able to keep it as cold as I would have liked it before eating so I gave it to my dog lol spoiled brat gets fresh sushi! All said and done I had fun crawling around on the rocks!
  4. Zeke588

    new rod

    Yeah, as long as the bills are paid my fiancé doesn't need to know how much I spend! Haha
  5. Zeke588

    Goin this weekend

    That's exactly what it's for lol
  6. Zeke588

    Goin this weekend

    The second fish she casted, set the hook, and landed the fish all by her self! I was so stoked for her! She forgot to close her bail( i.e. Reel in on her closed face reel) she attempted to set the hook the first time and just pulled out extra line for the fish to play with! But she got it. We had a lot of fun! Tomorrow we're hittin the pond then workin our way to the river for salmon. I'm gonna put a life jacket on her and tie it to a tree.. lol over protective or just sane??
  7. Zeke588

    new rod

    Ohh. I thought the current fires hit south of berryessa. I may have my internal map all wrong. I haven't gotten into fly fishing yet. I'm trying to keep my current hobby's at a minimum due to costs lol.
  8. Zeke588

    new rod

    How does it look out there since the fires? I've heard that creek holds some monsters trout in there!
  9. Zeke588

    Goin this weekend

    We're campin out at sly park with the fam. Hopefully I can land a trout from there. That lake is not forgiving haha. Took my daughter out to a local pond and she nailed some big bluegill!!
  10. So I am finally going to hit the water and see what I can get. My family and I are doing our annual group camping trip. So a buddy of mine are gonna head out Saturday morning and spend a few hours in the hills looking for bear (hiking with guns haha). Then when we come back I'm gonna try for some trout. Taking some small spinners and worms. Power bait. I'm going to try power baits trout worms and see how they work out.
  11. By golly. You guys saved me. In fact I would have been using in yolo county but it is still illegal there as well. Oh well. I just had a family member become a ranch hand in Colorado on a couple thousand acres. Hopefully that means good things for me haha. Well drats. At lease you guys saved me buying an air gun that I don't need yet.
  12. So i checked and checked and checked. Turns out I can use it and I was misinformed. I would be using it just on the outside of city limits. Looked up maps to make sure. Looked in the city's governing zones. So I am good to go. To be honest I totally forgot about that and when you guys said to make sure, my heart sank.
  13. So I may have the opportunity to hunt turkey on private property on a depredation permit policy. It is in a city. 142 acres and a good backdrop. I am looking for a basic air gun that can drop a turkey at 40 yards max. This might not be a constant thing so I'm not really keen on buying a fancy air gun that I may only use once or twice seriously, and maybe 3 times after that. So what do you guys recommend that is budget friendly that will work.
  14. I still work for Turfstar and I set up toro products. Most of their UTVs are really fancy Shmancy. High price tag as well. One of our salesman has a Club Car Xrt 1500 4x4. These things are B.A. They actually have a pretty good articulation for flex. No where near the speed of a Polaris on straight aways, but it will out crawl one. Check em out. If your interested I can even possibly let you check one out hands on. Depending on your location that is. The ones with brush guards, skid plates, and the bells and whistles run around 12k
  15. Zeke588

    .17 hmr

    Superlucky, yeah so far the .17 is my favorite as well. I bought the savage 93r17 combo. It came with a weaver 3x9 scope. As a cheap combo I'm not expecting perfection but I am looking for consistency. HD Rider, I normally shoot the hornady 17 gr V max, and at 75 yards I can hold a tight group consistantly, it's when I switch to the CCI TNT Greentip 16.5 gr. So to my understanding I don't think it's me, or the rifle. I'm pretty set on the type of ammo. I was shooting it to see if there was any variables in the zero of my scope between the two ammos. I also only shot about 25 rounds. So I didn't really get a good ratio of how many shots landed on target vs how many flyers. So could it be I may have just bought a box of ammo with a few bad rounds. I've shot the same ammo before but didn't notice to many shots going adrift.
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