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  1. New to air guns

    So I may have the opportunity to hunt turkey on private property on a depredation permit policy. It is in a city. 142 acres and a good backdrop. I am looking for a basic air gun that can drop a turkey at 40 yards max. This might not be a constant thing so I'm not really keen on buying a fancy air gun that I may only use once or twice seriously, and maybe 3 times after that. So what do you guys recommend that is budget friendly that will work.
  2. Need advice on what to buy

    I still work for Turfstar and I set up toro products. Most of their UTVs are really fancy Shmancy. High price tag as well. One of our salesman has a Club Car Xrt 1500 4x4. These things are B.A. They actually have a pretty good articulation for flex. No where near the speed of a Polaris on straight aways, but it will out crawl one. Check em out. If your interested I can even possibly let you check one out hands on. Depending on your location that is. The ones with brush guards, skid plates, and the bells and whistles run around 12k
  3. .17 hmr

    Superlucky, yeah so far the .17 is my favorite as well. I bought the savage 93r17 combo. It came with a weaver 3x9 scope. As a cheap combo I'm not expecting perfection but I am looking for consistency. HD Rider, I normally shoot the hornady 17 gr V max, and at 75 yards I can hold a tight group consistantly, it's when I switch to the CCI TNT Greentip 16.5 gr. So to my understanding I don't think it's me, or the rifle. I'm pretty set on the type of ammo. I was shooting it to see if there was any variables in the zero of my scope between the two ammos. I also only shot about 25 rounds. So I didn't really get a good ratio of how many shots landed on target vs how many flyers. So could it be I may have just bought a box of ammo with a few bad rounds. I've shot the same ammo before but didn't notice to many shots going adrift.
  4. .17 hmr

    So I picked up a .17 hmr. Got it sighted it at 25 yds no problem. Using cci TNT greentip. Today I took it out again and attempted 75 yds. I know I'm holding steady but I feel like the loads are throwing the shot off.. I was able to get a good amount consistant but every once in a while I would get 2-3 shots that were way off target, By at least 2 inches. Has anyone shooting this round experienced the same? I only shot around 25 rounds with about 5-6 being way of target.
  5. New rifle

    Hmm never thought of a light bullet with 3030 powder haha.. right now I don't have the space for a press. Maybe you should send a few rounds my way!? 😉 Haha
  6. New rifle

    30-30? No I don't but I think I have brass laying around somewhere. Not much though but willing to send your way. Not planning on getting into reloading anytime soon. My cousin and I were going to buy a press together a few christmas's ago. But he passed away last October so it's kinda hard to muster up and do it myself ya know? But I do plan on trying it out.
  7. New rifle

    Thanks guys! I'm pretty stoked. One of my buddy's had the a17 and he says he loves it.. I don't have any rifles in the long range category other than a 30-30 with iron sights. So this long range talk is new to me haha.
  8. New rifle

    Just bought myself a savage .17hmr yesterday. 1 day down. I went to buy but I forgot that my address on my ID is not my actual address. And I forgot my fire arms safety card.. so I had to buy my hunting license and they used it as my exemption for fire arm safety card and it's also proof of address! Haha isn't that awesome.
  9. Been picking veggies left and right.

    Haha I'm just messin with ya. They look good though.. yeah I have a patio but it doesn't get enough sun for plants to grow. I've tried a tomatoe plant and it didn't do so well. But it could have just been me, I don't think i know how to grow plants in pots
  10. Been picking veggies left and right.

    Am I gonna be seeing these pickles at my local grocery store!? lol I love me some pickled anything. A buddy of mine gave me some pickled greenbeans man were they good.. I wish I had the space for a garden. I was raised by my grandma and back when I was younger we had a 1/4 acre garden of tomatoes, zucchini, everything.. we even had yellow watermelon one year! Once I moved out I didn't have any space. And it's hard to go work on a garden that's out of your way from home.
  11. Stumpy meadows

    Back in my last month of high school I ditched half the day and headed up to stumpy meadows with my lady.. I remember fishing while she hung out. I had two hook ups but lost both... sad day for me haha I haven't been back since. Hows it lookin? Last I heard it was pretty burned up from a fire a few years ago?
  12. Lead Free 22 LR - Not looking good

    What do people hunt with .22lr nowadays anyway? Everything I've heard is everyone is just using bigger calibers because the round is so slow? It's kind of being replaced by .17 hmr in my opinion