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  1. sportyg

    solo still lol

    great area to hunt but there are closer places for this old boy
  2. sportyg

    Missed a big buck

    I only shoot broad heads with my bow.. with in two years one can expect to see a lot more bow hunters out there with all the dumb new gun laws.
  3. sportyg

    well Im a Youtuber....

    well done, nice videos
  4. sportyg

    Still turning

    great looking calls
  5. Maybe we can wear out his delete button... This was brought up sometime ago on the Q&A website the answer the DF&W gave stated a program like that would be to hard for them to manage, as well as to costly and they would not be able to do it.. A bunch of crap, they just don't want to change and go to a batter program..
  6. sportyg

    what do you think of my paint job?

    Hmm not sure the red is bright enough... LOL nice job..
  7. sportyg

    Picture of my new bow!

    congrats on the new bow, you should be shooting out to 40yds by now no doubt.. You'll do well with that bow come hunting season..
  8. sportyg

    Recent trail cam pictures.

    Nice sweet spot. great pics
  9. sportyg

    Self nocks and fish skins

    great looking set..
  10. Outstanding, keep after them and keep that girl of yours out with you she will make you a fine hunting partner when the time comes for her to start shooting.
  11. sportyg

    Quad or SxS

    Looks like you made a good buy..
  12. sportyg

    Winchester 17 Super Mag ordered

    Awesome bet those critters are looking forward to it...
  13. sportyg

    D 19/ A22

    Headed back down to Laguna, next week, to see if I can get the forky I missed the last week of the first part of the season.. Will take a doe at this time of the season if I see one instead.
  14. sportyg

    Help me Im no longer in control

    hmmm, I think you'd made a great Santa, for me. LOL. No, you should keep it, one really nice looking bow congrats..
  15. sportyg

    Free Fishing Day

    Yeah I read that very dumb. one has to stay on the pier to reel in any fish no matter the size.