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  1. Thanks for the info dabob, that is exactly what alot of people don't understand. TSS and lead are two totally different animals!
  2. Have you shot 18 g/cc, #2 TSS, at coyotes? Also, that BB pattern you posted, what load is that (Fed Heavyweight, Hevi Dead Coyote, or lead BBs)?
  3. Like you said, there are a lot of people out there that weren't raised shooting at running critters, with a rifle.
  4. There is no need in B or BB shot, TSS #2s will give you plenty of energy and penetration to anchor a coyote, well past 100 yds, and they give you more pellets per ounce than B or BB, giving you a greater pattern density, which means more consistent kills.
  5. 10-4, let me get some #2s for testing, and I will post some patterns.
  6. TSS is fairly easy to achieve consistent patterns. It likes a more open choke. Also the advantages in patterns of TSS over Hevi, is the consistent size and shape of the pellets, allowing much better patterns. The advantages over the federal shells, are the difference in a conventional wad, over the Flight Control Wad (a conventional wad will outperform a FCW 100% of the time). Also once you have your load nailed down, you can load as many as you need, when you need them, you also have no worries of a manufacturer changing the recipe. This means known consistency from shot to shot.
  7. Back on topic, TSS will out preform any of the commercial tungsten based coyote loads, you can load it cheaper, and it's very readily available.
  8. Actually TSS is very simple to get, especially the larger sizes, and at $38/lb, it's cheaper to load than Hevishot Dead Coyote or federal heavyweight coyote loads are to buy, before shipping or taxes.
  9. After talking with Bob here and there, I agree.
  10. I am a new guy here, although a few may have seen me on a few other forums as well. I Just wanted to touch base with you guys, and see if there are any here that are using Tungsten Super Shot (TSS) in their shotguns for predators. To go along with that I wanted to see if there was an interest in TSS if the price point was considerably lower than the current going rate? TSS being that it is approximately 60% heavier than lead at 18 g/cc density, and is non-toxic, has been used for turkeys and waterfowl for a few years now, and I wanted to try and open eyes to the usefulness that TSS could be to the predator hunting community. Below is some info that I picked up from dabob (I believe he is a member here), he ran some of these numbers through his KPY ballistics calculator, and the ongoing number to consistently kill a coyote, seems to be that you need 3.70" of ballistic gelatin penetration. So using the heavier TSS you can use smaller size shot, putting more pellets on target, and still get the penetration you need to consistently kill, and do it with a non-toxic shot. This would be a great alternative to some of the weapons restricted hunting areas in California. Here are some examples of what the smaller size TSS can do: 1300 fps TSS #6 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 46 yards 1300 fps TSS #5 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 62 yards 1300 fps TSS #4 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 78 yards 1300 fps TSS #2 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 115 yards 1400 fps TSS #6 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 51 yards 1400 fps TSS #5 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 67 yards 1400 fps TSS #4 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 85 yards 1400 fps TSS #2 gets 3.70" of gel penetration at 129 yards And to compare several different #2 sized pellets at ~60 yards as to their engergy, velocity, and penetration performance: All these pellets were started at a muzzle velocity of 1350 fps. 1) Steel #2 shot, 1.07" of gel penetration at 59.8 yards, 2.13 energy, 522 fps at 59.8 yards 2) Lead #2 shot, 2.38" of gel penetration at 59.8 yards, 4.75 energy, 660 fps at 59.8 yards 3) Rem HD #2 shot, 2.82" of gel penetration at 59.8 yards, 5.69 energy, 691 fps at 59.8 yards 4) Fed HW #2 shot, 4.17" of gel penetration at 59.8 yards, 8.81 energy, 770 fps at 59.8 yards 5) TSS #2 shot, 5.56" of gel penetration at 59.8 yards, 12.18 energy, 826 fps at 59.8 yards