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  1. Ive had 2 85 Toy pickups. 22r carburated, solid front axle. Manual transmissions. One shortbed and 1 longbed. Bought em used 8 or 9 years ago. Great little hunting trucks. The 4 bangers are great engines. I had a head gasket blow on one, and found it had already been done once, but they used the wrong type gasket, You have to use the metal head gasket, problem solved. I did have to put a new head on, but it was reasonable and simple to do I might add, me not being a mechanic and all, I did it all myself in my garage. I also replaced the timing chain guides on em, which they will all need sooner or later. When you hear rattling when you start it up, its the timing chain rubbing on the front engine cover. It will eat thru it (aluminum) so you need to get it done. If you let it go, it will rub a hole in it, and oil will get in your water, and will ruin the engine if you let it go to long. Parts are cheap for that and not hard to do. Manual trannys in those are tough as they come, but, if you have too, they are not hard to open up and replace syncros or gears.Ditto on the transfer case, which are tuff as nails gear driven cases in those older trucks.. Aftermarket parts are available for all these things. One of the best is in Fresno. Marlin Crawler: http://www.marlincrawler.com/ They have it all or can tell you where to get it. Thier replacement parts are beefed up and I used to love getting stuff from them. I bought a brand new 93 4x4 truck (in 93) the 3.0 V6. 2 years later a head gasket blew. That year does have that problem. All in all, the older 22 RE 4 bangers are the best imo. Fuel injection that is pretty simple, and decent milage. I would not get a 3.0. The trouble and milage aint worth it imo. Not to mention they are gutless. I was sure disappointed in the lack of tourque in my V6. Hated it. Went all over, up and down Cali and AZ hunting in that truck, and hated climbing any long or steep grade, especially loaded down with hunting gear in the back. Id like to get an older Tacoma with the 2.7 (I think it is) Those are supposed to be pretty good trucks. Hope that helps. Mark
  2. I have that same shotgun. Great shooter...wish it had a rib on top of barrel, but I love mine.Mark
  3. Thanks for the heads up Bob, Ill check it out.Mark
  4. Same problem here, non lead zone and have been looking for decent priced loads, but to no avail.I refuse to pay 45 bucks a box. Thats just silly. Dont know what Ill do, steel seems out of the question to me.Mark
  5. Osage orang(hedge) blackwood, maple and many others are good. There are lots of online vendors, and places like THO game calls forum, there are guys there that sell wood blocks for callmaking too. You should make sure it is dry wood too.Also, Custom Calls Online forum is the place to go for good info on callmaking, especially duck calls.Mark
  6. Nice machine, you guys come to the Farm Equipment show( Ag Expo) in Tulare? Mark
  7. I shoot a recurve and one of the best places to get all kinds of help is Trad Gang. Just an awsome site, check it out.http://tradgang.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgiGot to the pow-wow section to get started.
  8. Ill never live that incident down, oh well
  10. Yep I have a couple of Walts calls, good stuff.
  11. Hey Braz,are there any other callmakers here besides you and Rich?
  12. Anyone turning any calls out there latlely?
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