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  1. As long as it gets you to the hunting spots and home it's gold!
  2. If it's a 4x4 sell it in Hawaii. A buddy of mine brought his 4x4 Tacoma to Hawaii he bought for 7k and sold it for 20K.
  3. Squid

    Thordsen FRS Gen-3

    This is true while they have exempted themselves so they can have all the vertical they want. https://www.rallypoint.com/shared-links/ca-senate-votes-28-8-to-exempt-itself-from-california-gun-laws-california-political-review--3
  4. Squid

    Remington versamax tactical review

    Very nice shotgun.
  5. Squid

    Thordsen FRS Gen-3

    Less vertical grip is exactly what the state of California wants. LOL I will probably try it on my semi-auto 6.5 Grendel AR. Watching the video the shooter has no issues transitioning from right hand to left. I don't mind the original on my 5.56 AR but I like the look of this one better. I can't wait to try it out.
  6. Squid

    Thordsen FRS Gen-3

    I like it. Think I'm going to have to try it on one of my ARs.
  7. Squid

    Thordsen FRS Gen-3

    Hopefully that deadline will keep getting pushed back or go away
  8. Squid

    Bought a Ruger No. 3

    No way! Can't ban the VIP LOL
  9. Squid

    Thordsen FRS Gen-3

    Thordsen has came out with it's Gen 3 featureless stock and I like it. They claim since the buffer tube and stock are seperated it's not considered a thumbhold stock. https://youtu.be/S_88lumNmIo
  10. Squid

    Rio Salado Airgun match

    Nice shooting.
  11. Squid

    A few pictures

    LOL Too funny. I like the trail cam pics where they have GPS coordinates on it. The OP is like "how do you guys know where my spot is?"
  12. Squid

    Lead Free 22 LR - Not looking good

    Being new to California I don't know who Gavin, Sacto and Kamilla are but I can tell you #HuntRepublicans is out there. #HuntRepublicans
  13. Squid

    Stumpy meadows

    That definitely sounds like a great day. Hopefully next time they will make it into the net.
  14. Squid

    Lead Free 22 LR - Not looking good

    Time to learn bullett casting
  15. Squid

    Lead Free 22 LR - Not looking good

    Hopefully not until after 2019, as that is my PCS transfer date Unfortunitely copper rounds out of big bore air rifles are ineffective. Putting a lead ban on Air Rifles would totally kill huntingb with them unless someone designs a non-lead composite round.