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  1. Sorry for the lag, I Just got a call back from the game warden. She said on the new regulations, they haven’t been printing it, but on the old ones, section 3012 states you cannot hunt big game with an electronic call. That’s why I wasn’t able to find anything in the current regulations on it. She said even she had a really hard time finding it in writing but knew it was illegal. She said she wanted to give me the section number so it wouldn't just be illegal because she said so haha.
  2. I didn’t know there was an actual case about it but I pretty much deciphered it as a remote controlled or computer controlled firearm. So as of now, we still haven’t found anything that states it’s prohibited. I’m going to call DFG later and I’ll update everyone.
  3. I know it’s an old topic, but back to the original question: §475b states this about e calls for hunting “nongame” “Recorded or electrically amplified bird or mammal calls or sounds or recorded or electrically amplified imitations of bird or mammal calls or sounds may not be used to take any nongame bird or nongame mammal except coyotes, bobcats, American crows and starlings.” pretty clear that in regards to nongame, you can’t use e calls for anything EXCEPT coyotes, bobcats, crows and starlings. it states “any nongame bird or NONGAME mammal...” so wouldn’t this put an umbrella over only nongame species? And by that reasoning, one would believe “big game” fell under its own category with its own set of regulations. I did extensive reading of the regulations on the “§353. Methods Authorized for Taking Big Game.” And nothing was mentioned about e calls. Nothing. Not even that it’s specifically prohibited. So correct me if I’m wrong here, you should be good (based on the current wording on the regulations) to call and hunt big game on e calls. Unless there’s something I’ve missed... that’s where you guys come in haha.
  4. Thanks! I checked that set out and it looks like it fits the 110c. I searched on that website by gun and came up with one a bit cheaper that claims to fit the 110e. I just can’t tell if it has a round and flat side from the photo. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1018662725/egw-1-piece-picatinny-style-base-savage-110-through-116-round-rear-long-action
  5. Hey everyone, I’ve got a savage 110e 30-06 that I’m trying to get a scope mount for. Leupold makes a mount for the 110 but the 110e has smaller screw holes (per the clerk at turners) Anyone have this gun? If so how did you mount your scopes?? I’m trying to avoid taking it to the gunsmith and having them tap the holes a bit larger. I tried to post pictures but it won’t let me. Keeps saying failed. Story of my hunts lol. But the front mount is round and the rear is flat.
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