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  1. That's about the coolest thing I ever did see! Excellent pictures and a beauty of a long range tool. Ya wouldn't even have to leave home to connect with the critters if you could get enough elevation to scope em'.
  2. Well, I've heard enough to hit the brakes on the BSA...thanks fella's. Next on the list is a Bushnell 4-12 Dawn and Dusk , if that goes awry then it's back to Vortex for me.
  3. New T-Bolt waiting for optics. Did a forum search for BSA Sweet 17 scope reviews but nothing came up. I realize this is not the top end model, got a Vortex on the 223 and love it but simply cannot justify the cost for a 150 yard max shot rifle. I spied this BSA scope with the range compensating turret for 17HMR and wonder if any of you have hands-on experience with this type of turret or brand? There are 2 models...one with the parallax adjusting side turret and a less expensive model with an adjusting objective lens. I'm personally unfamiliar with this and wonder how robust one style is against the other? I suppose that the glass may be better quality on the side turret adjusting model as well as the price is significantly more but need real world opinions. Any BSA Sweet 17 owners out there willing assist?
  4. Amazing visual line up, don't know much about that higher technology of really long range shooting...surprised to see 'your' case has no belt. I'm curious, are you just a tough guy or is the rifle weight responsible for keeping recoil at an acceptable level?
  5. Its hard to beat a picture like that. I know the OAL has had a great effect with the 223, kinda thought it was not as critical with larger calibers....ok I'm wrong, your info is a great boost and a good starting place to run the course for the 243 and 3006...thanks for the details rather than opinion...good stuff.
  6. 243 is for predators and deer....80gr-105 gr lead used mostly...looking at the Barnes 62 and 85 as replacements for the lead. 3006 is for deer and elk...150-180gr lead....looking to Barnes 130-150-165 as replacements. No experience with other than the 223 with lead-free so that's the learning curve before next season. The 223 loves the Barnes 30gr and 36gr with Varget. 1/2" groups: loaded to a bit above 3300 fps... not as fast as could be but it is consistent and easy, minimal kick so you can keep an eye on the impact....good squirrel load. Got so much Varget on hand I'll use it in anything it qualifies for until the can is empty.
  7. Impressive group ! Lehigh may the answer to a very volatile impact desired for the game. Your thoughts/experience with the Barnes TSX/TTSX .308 110gr.? Moving into the world of lead-free has created a 'start-over' situation for every caliber I (we all) reload...I have no practical experience yet. But Varget is my powder as well...got too much of it to look elsewhere till I burn a few pounds to make room on the shelf. Still pickin' smarter brains than mine for .243 and 30-06.
  8. Can't beat a classic. As a matter of fact that was my first 'big' rifle as well, same scope too. Still own it and take it out to rub the real walnut every now and then.
  9. It's an unfortunate necessity in California as there are both small land holdings in the middle of state and federal land plus some really huge ranches that have discovered they can charge for trespass permits and therefore are not so willing to share minor intrusions across un-fenced boundaries as in years gone by. I suppose it is that way most places now. We also have a ton of timber country up here where the two main company owners (talking hundreds of thousands of acres) allow access on their roads and land for outdoor recreation but usually close all access when bigger fires are in the area...understandably, but theirs is also a patchwork in and around state and fed holdings. Anyway I went with the single state map to get a feel for the program. For that cost it's a cheap insurance and I have found it is an amazing stress relief to know 'I'm okay' where I am. The upgrade to all states will most likely happen..planning an out of state elk hunt (private ranch) and antelope on public land in 2019 and this looks like a great scouting tool as well as boots on the ground help. Along with a paper topo it is a good package. It's a real drag sometimes being a strict rule follower but it's what I do so thanks for the heads-up about OnX. Just sayin'...there's a 30% off deal today only.
  10. High quality look to it. Ok I'll expose my ignorance....why the step down in diameter at the muzzle, does not appear to be threaded?
  11. Now I get it...has not been clear on the few Youtubes I watched. Thanks for those pictures as well...viewing targets are worth 1000 words.
  12. You looking for a one on one guide trip...or a party boat type thing with maybe 20-40 others? Do you need a mentor during the trip to show you the ropes as it is happening or just want to know what boat/harbor to go out with? Any particular fish you want to go after...in general, time of year will dictate what boats go out to hunt for, but bottom fishing around kelp beds is available year round. 1/2 day, 3/4 day, multi-day?
  13. Looks good! Does the extractor move the fired shell far enough back to make it easy to reach with the scope mounted?
  14. Good data...that's a start. Would have thought the velocity drop would have been more. With a 200yd zero the added average drop at 300yd is less than 1/2" comparing 3180fps and 3100fps.
  15. Don't know if this belongs in the varmint section or here... I'm curious about Ruger No.1 accuracy in varmint calibers and distances. Got a whim to slow down shooting a bit and enjoy the 'action' of the shoot more. Sure, a bolt action can work for this but the concept of a ss just seems appealing. Of course with loads worked up for a specific rifle any gun can shoot better than factory ammo usually used for the rifle critiques found in publications. With your load work up, just how accurate is your No.1 in 223, etc.? What do the loads chrono at with the 26" barrels?
  16. Ok Microtus...ya sold me. You're right, ownership change is a non-impact as long as private/public lines are clear to see. And map availability without cell coverage makes this a winner.
  17. Does the subscription include updates from time to time...mostly concerned with private land boundaries shifting? If no cell tower is within reach can you download a map section before your trip?
  18. Plumas

    Light 223

    Ha, a treasure load!....Thanks Shooter John.
  19. Plumas

    Light 223

    Interesting side note. I consulted with Blue Dot's maker, Alliant Powder, who informed me they do not have any tested load data using Blue Dot in 223.
  20. Plumas

    Light 223

    Thank you Bisley!! You nailed it in the first response....searching for both Blue Dot and 223 on good old Google has turned up lots of stuff with that combination to cull through. Seems there is nothing new under the sun, just gotta ask that first question. Others??
  21. Plumas

    Light 223

    Got a bug to experiment with light 223 loads. Using Barnes 30gr and 36gr and working up accurate loads around 2000-2500 fps muzzle velocity. Rifle is a 1-12" twist, 24" barrel. Sticking with the Barnes due to Ca regs that kick in next July (right?) even for critters, and I got so many it does not make sense to buy something new...yet. Have had really excellent accuracy at near max velocities with these bullets and am looking to get in the ball park of competing with 17HMR and 17WMR without buying a new rifle. Basically a good round for 50-150 yard targets...not concerned about longer range bullet drop....I know the bullet calculators from Hornady, Federal, etc. can do the down-range math but finding that dead-eye accurate formula in a particular rifle is another thing. Looking for advice on the concept from our savvy crowd out there before shopping for powder, I use Varget for the high velocity 36-55gr loads...not the hottest but hot enough, is there a better powder for light loads? Anyone worked up loads such as this? Issues with pressure due to so little powder in the case, etc? Have not done very light loads before so I got some stuff to learn.
  22. One opinion...as a newer caller I'd sure be interested. I have no mentor other than this forum so am learning as I go. Its helped me choose a rifle and scope and taught me how to build a shooting table and so much more so I'm quite pro-share and appreciative of this forum's regulars. Understanding the instinctive desire of predators to follow certain sounds more than others is fascinating. I'm sure it is a bit different for different areas. The call duration has a lot to do with the 'flavor of the bait' and what may be effective for different locations. Your point of missing programmed calls is a good one. Having an idea of what all I'm listening to as I prepare for a trip would be a huge learning curve jump. As far as should it be shared?...I'm no lawyer but if your info is not a trade secret (it's not as anyone could do what you did that owns the device...so maybe I should as well...hadn't considered the approach you took so I've already learned something)), and you're not adding untrue statements about a company or person then it's is a matter of your feelings about it. Since it would not negatively impact your ability to follow your sport in any way or hurt another's chances or privacy issues then to me it seems no different than sharing chronograph info about a powder or new rifle reviews or favorite hunting truck accessory type stuff. Wouldn't expect or ask you to give up your favorite spots or personal rancher contact info...is this the same thing...well that's up to you. But if you have that uncomfortable gut feeling over this then don't do it. I'll keep reading your posts regardless. With respect and regards.
  23. Too bad you couldn't cut out a portion of the middle to keep the boat-tail. Anxiously awaiting the chrono and accuracy report!
  24. From these and other friendly opinions I now accept that a belt drive is not something to shy away from, may not be what Honda with its shaft drive want me to believe, but the opinions here are too strong to ignore. So, shaft or belt is acceptable, other issues now enter into the picture. If it is a given that all major brands will have a reliable engine and suspension design I ask this..... Without personal experience I thought of sticking to a 50" wide unit just for ease of fitting onto skinny trails or busting over high desert sage, etc. But now I question the tipping stability on trails that have a sideways slant and such. Is there any thinking out there concerning the width? If I can accept the narrower frame with its obvious room limitations for trail access reasons am I giving up too much feeling of stability that a wider unit would offer when on nothing worse than poorly maintained logging roads (probably 80+% of the time)? I'm sure test drives will enter the picture soon, but again, you guys have already suffered through this decision process. I value your thoughts so I can have that knowledge walking into the dealers, ask the right questions and help cut through the brand BS a sharp salesman can throw.
  25. Shooter John, congrats for the award...I know it is not why you do what you do, but to be recognized is a nice thing. That's the kind of input I'm looking for to learn from example rather than brand propaganda blurbs. Thanks for starting the ball rolling. 55 scares me, didn't realize they could get up and go like that!
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