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  1. new stock question

    My At-One arrived! Got one range day down, not sighted in yet, was simply shooting for accuracy, the best group (for me) to date! Was it the stock, or just a good day...who knows. It does tell me the rifle will shoot better that I can on most days. I installed a Legacy Sports magazine conversion as well to the 700 ADL action. The tolerances on the Boyds are outstanding, Barrel free floated without any stock work. A plus is that the Legacy magazine allows a single round to simply be placed onto the top of the magazine and it'll feed straight into the chamber with no ramp interference. This rifle, the scope choice (Vortex 4-16) and the home made shooting bench are a direct result of this forum and the expertise given to a new member over the past 18 months. My newbie questions were answered with care and solid options and opinions....I love it! Tight lines between the Legacy Sports bottom metal (plastic), and the At-One stock. Scary good 3 shot group for me...doubt it'll ever be repeated. At least this rifle's sweet diet will work well for 'post-lead' days coming down the road.
  2. new stock question

    Honestly that is pretty stunning. It looks more real to me than the catalog pictures which is certainly a help in a decision., the molded pieces actually compliment the look. A perfect choice of laminate colors with the stainless. Does the barrel free float? Too bad you don't receive a commission from Boyd's, I think your input here is going to sell stocks! Thanks for the effort...look forward to the report after a day at the range.
  3. new stock question

    That is good news. Obviously a big question is the wiggle room in an adjustable piece...with these posts I'm narrowing it down to the varmint w/ cheek piece or At-One. I like the lop adjustment idea as summer is t-shirt shooting and winter is heavy layers...seems to allow a consistent sight picture by keeping the scope relief the same...but that varmint stock sure is pretty, a little less plastic. Oh the battles of a choice. I'm doubt you guys remember but about 18 months ago you-all helped with a rifle/caliber choice...this stock is for that choice, made after hearing from many experienced shooters...thanks again.
  4. new stock question

    Boy that bottom shot of the varmint w/ adj cheek piece is a pip! Looks very functional, I took an instant like to it. Look forward to the report on the At-One.
  5. new stock question

    The fairly new At-One by Boyd's looks intriguing...any personal stories (good or bad) as I hunt for a replacement for my factory synthetic without breaking the bank? Pretty much a dedicated varmint rifle that does not go on long treks...so weight is less important than function.
  6. .223 with 30gr bullet

    Barnes has just added their 30gr 'Hornet' bullet to the loads for .223 on their website load data section, velocities over 4000fps. New competition for the Ruger .204 ? Those loads are not in their manual #4. Anyone try these yet?
  7. .223 with 30gr bullet

    Howdy TonyS...sounds like your rifle likes those....a sweet find when it happens. I'll look into Sinterfire....have no experience with them yet, thanks for the tip.
  8. .223 with 30gr bullet

    Thanks Dabob, you make a valid point. Haven't tried the Hornady, my experience with the lead-free Barnes 36 is similar, very accurate and goes as fast as I need it to, plus is 'legal' anywhere. I hope more lead-free choices are in the works as we get closer to no lead anywhere for anything...especially .22LR. I've settled on Varget in the 223 for bullets from 36 to 55 gr. I've got a 1 in 12 twist and 55gr bullets is about the upper limit my particular rifle likes. Not the hottest load going for sure but its accurate in my rifle and I got a good deal on an 8 lb. jug so I'm locked in for a while. Like you I prefer a 50gr, I feel more sure of myself with the stray coyote that wonders across the kill range as well. I've got a supply of Speer TNT that I'm waiting to get to once I burn up all my small numbers of other weights....trying to simplify my reloading life, most likely a loosing battle.
  9. .223 with 30gr bullet

    Have had great success with both 36gr Barnes and 40gr. Nosler in a .223 with a 1 in 12 twist. Curious about the 30gr bullet I believe was developed for the Hornet. I have seen other sites and forums that talk about them but not in any ballistic detail....just adjectives and personal opinion. Was wondering if any of you have worked up loads for 223 and chronographed the results? Accuracy? Wouldn't expect them to be a 'wonder pill' for long shot trajectory since the BC is so low, but out to 200 yards....might be fun just for a change. So, what say you all?
  10. .222 Varmint Loads for California???

    Howdy Elalto, Take a look at hodgdonreloading.com for loads, a remarkable website, they don't list your chosen powders but the Barnes site does list 748 for .222...its free to you without buying their manual. Then you chrono your chosen loads (from whatever source...hopefully you're using published data like Rob suggests) so you have true velocities and plug them into the ballistic calculator at https://www.hornady.com to make a trajectory chart at your chosen zero-in distance. I've shot that Barnes Grenade 36gr in my 223 very successfully, just wish it was not so expensive....1/2" groups at 100 yards are real! The squirrels would testify to the accuracy if they had survived. I don't load to maximum...around 3300fps kills them just as dead and keeps my barrel happy...with that trajectory chart printed from Hornady and a rangefinder in the field it's easy to hit out to 300yds+. Have fun working up your load.
  11. Bullet comparison

    Thanks to Divernhunter and Desert Fox telling me the same thing... I think I'll accept the wisdom. Those Nosler 40gr with the tip are fighting to share a single hole at 100 yards, the Speer 50gr TNT is not far behind and the 36gr Barnes are also right in there....so I'll be ready when no-lead is mandatory state wide. Was just hoping that buying bullets in more bulk when sales came up might be possible without range testing each model first, now that I say it I see the folly of my thinking. Think I'll just buy one box of 3-4 more brands now and narrow it down to the best in each weight from 36-55gr. My Rem 700 with 1-12" gets a bit argumentative with anything over 55gr and groups start to open up. I'll keep whatever doesn't do well in the 700 for plinking loads in the AR.
  12. Bullet comparison

    Okay fella's, A question for .223 shooters. Guide me to the answer if this has already been addressed somewhere in the CPC site.... Generally speaking should 'like' bullet weights shoot similarly in a given rifle. This may be a simple question but to a new reloader it gets awfully confusing, terribly expensive to try them all and you end up with boxes of bullets on the shelf that may not perform as you had hoped after trying a dozen or so. In other words if I find a Nosler 40gr Varmeggdon with the nylon tip shoots well can I buy the HP version if I run across a deal and have it shoot as accurately? Should all 50gr bullets shoot the same, more or else, etc? Is there a guideline for such an issue I can be educated on?
  13. The BIG Change - Leadless

    Howdy 22 Swift, The only lead-free 22lr I know is available is the CCI Copper-22. It's a 21 grain copper/polymer mix. My chrono shows an average of 1775fps from an 18" barrel. I doubt a 40gr lead-free would fit into a 22 lr case and still have room for powder. Winchester says they make a 26gr lead-free 22lr but I've not found it in stores. Nosler makes a lead-free 35 gr, Barnes a 36 gr, and Hornady makes a 50gr, all for 223 and up...but they 'explode' on anything and ricochet is quite unlikely. These are all rated as excellent choices for little critters through coyote sized stuff. Sure like to hear more detail though since we're all trapped by the calendar when lead-free will be all we got unless paper is the target. So I betting Bisley is correct and it is not a 22lr if they were truly lead-free. Maybe your 40 gr were actually copper or brass plated 22lr solids and lead??
  14. Next rifle...help.

    Just closed my eyes and hit send for a Cabelas order for that Vortex Viper....Thanks Bisley. I was looking at the Diamondback HP at $329, with CPC input I got a step up for less $....can'r beat that!
  15. Next rifle...help.

    Thank you sir! That's a better deal than the Diamondback HP was a week ago. The 4-16x will be perfect and I kinda like the simplicity of the v-plex. I plan on having just 1 or 2 loads that shoot well so it'll be easy to remember the drop at distances as long as a good range finder is part of the process.