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  1. Thanks to Divernhunter and Desert Fox telling me the same thing... I think I'll accept the wisdom. Those Nosler 40gr with the tip are fighting to share a single hole at 100 yards, the Speer 50gr TNT is not far behind and the 36gr Barnes are also right in I'll be ready when no-lead is mandatory state wide. Was just hoping that buying bullets in more bulk when sales came up might be possible without range testing each model first, now that I say it I see the folly of my thinking. Think I'll just buy one box of 3-4 more brands now and narrow it down to the best in each weight from 36-55gr. My Rem 700 with 1-12" gets a bit argumentative with anything over 55gr and groups start to open up. I'll keep whatever doesn't do well in the 700 for plinking loads in the AR.
  2. Okay fella's, A question for .223 shooters. Guide me to the answer if this has already been addressed somewhere in the CPC site.... Generally speaking should 'like' bullet weights shoot similarly in a given rifle. This may be a simple question but to a new reloader it gets awfully confusing, terribly expensive to try them all and you end up with boxes of bullets on the shelf that may not perform as you had hoped after trying a dozen or so. In other words if I find a Nosler 40gr Varmeggdon with the nylon tip shoots well can I buy the HP version if I run across a deal and have it shoot as accurately? Should all 50gr bullets shoot the same, more or else, etc? Is there a guideline for such an issue I can be educated on?
  3. Howdy 22 Swift, The only lead-free 22lr I know is available is the CCI Copper-22. It's a 21 grain copper/polymer mix. My chrono shows an average of 1775fps from an 18" barrel. I doubt a 40gr lead-free would fit into a 22 lr case and still have room for powder. Winchester says they make a 26gr lead-free 22lr but I've not found it in stores. Nosler makes a lead-free 35 gr, Barnes a 36 gr, and Hornady makes a 50gr, all for 223 and up...but they 'explode' on anything and ricochet is quite unlikely. These are all rated as excellent choices for little critters through coyote sized stuff. Sure like to hear more detail though since we're all trapped by the calendar when lead-free will be all we got unless paper is the target. So I betting Bisley is correct and it is not a 22lr if they were truly lead-free. Maybe your 40 gr were actually copper or brass plated 22lr solids and lead??
  4. Just closed my eyes and hit send for a Cabelas order for that Vortex Viper....Thanks Bisley. I was looking at the Diamondback HP at $329, with CPC input I got a step up for less $....can'r beat that!
  5. Thank you sir! That's a better deal than the Diamondback HP was a week ago. The 4-16x will be perfect and I kinda like the simplicity of the v-plex. I plan on having just 1 or 2 loads that shoot well so it'll be easy to remember the drop at distances as long as a good range finder is part of the process.
  6. Put the first bullets through the new Rem 700 223. Its the 'cheap' ADL not the varmint model. The included a no name 4-12 scope was not labeled as its maker was probably embarrassed by the quality. Anyway it shot better than I can...meaning it put several 3 shot groups into .75" at 100 yards so I'm quite satisfied that if the owner can improve a bit the rifle will do whatever he asks of it. Flyers were my fault and the lack of a good table rest, I'll shop for that next. I thought that was pretty good for the first rounds out of the box. I shot up about 100 rds of factory Hornady 55gr SP ammo as that's what I had on hand. Will start on reloads with 36, 40 and 50 gr and we'll see what we will see. The 1 in 12 twist will force the bullet selection to under 62gr...I think. Glad I waited on a scope as the advice I picked up here from al;l you guys is dead on....a 4-12 won't cut it with my eyes, need to look at a higher power.
  7. thumbhole, if I were a squirrel I'd say I'd be pretty intimidated. And I totally agree about the optics, does not matter how straight your rifle shoots if you can't make out a target at the farthest distances your caliber is designed to operate to. The whole lead free thing is a question for me, figured a lead free bullet is still a larger package than a similar weight lead bullet so it must also be effected by wind more as it is a larger surface for the same weight. Am I right?? I wonder if it takes 50 yards off every caliber to stay as effective or wind resistant as a leaded bullet how caliber choice will be affected down the road. Thought a 17 (in years to come...lead free only) might just loose some of its effectiveness and since a limited budget guy like me needs to be as all purpose as possible a 223 would be a better 1 rifle choice even if I have to re-barrel after 2019 it to have a better twist for lead-free pills. I see the case for every caliber, I just cannot afford to have speciality rifles outside of one dedicated 223.. I love to hear about those that you guys build, so please keep it up. Learning about this stuff is almost as fun as using it. Just received a RCBS primer pocket swage die so I can start reloading mil cases....I'm learning,,,slowly.
  8. A heavy barrel 204 sounds like it will go all day. You're a few steps ahead of me in the technical department and it'll be neat to hear how that construction job comes together into a new rifle. It ls great when you can piece together the best of many brands. Will the Boyds be a thumb hole laminate? What colors are you going for? Have fun.
  9. Bullet choice being what it is I'm sure that after trying different weights and styles there will be more than a few boxes on the shelf that are missing the 10-15 it'll take to verify they don't deliver the accuracy necessary for the intended purpose. Those will get passed on to other CPC members when in the field together. You're right in that starting with the lightweights and working up may be the most expeditious way to discover the sweet spot for a new rifle. Range time in another 7 days, oh boy.
  10. Ha, I like it. Wisdom, respect and funnies. True gentlemen. I've had much better luck these past years acknowledging I need help rather than pretending then having no defense when I'm shown up.
  11. Will do. And thanks Desert Fox for taking pity on me...I'll get this forum thing dailed in as well.
  12. Thanks again Admin. I checked the ser# on the Remington recall web site ( and it came back clean. Sooo glad to know now, would've made that wait to get to the range all the more unbearable if I had to loose the rifle for weeks for a repair. I was dumb not to even think of recalls....a lesson learned. Hey Big Kahuna. Appreciate the words of support. I have one older 700 and it's a rock, also a1970's 1100 in trap grade...pretty wood. Looking forward to watching an old movie some night soon and working the bolt a few hundred times...after the wife goes to bed of course. I think I've been mis-addressing you guys....I was taking the label by the pic....should have looked up a bit at your handle....apologies to all.
  13. Admin, what a great idea and thanks for the notice. I had no idea there was a recall. Dang I hope it does not have to go back the day i get it, but safety first.
  14. Hello again fellas, I'd consider this the last line of this particular topic as after all the input and good advice I made a purchase (an informed purchase). All the info forwarded has been a great education, please know I've looked and pondered over every idea thrown out there. It is all good stuff and I realize that any number of combinations can and do work well. I really look forward to meeting in person as opportunity allows, I'd love to shake a few hands. After DROS has their way with me I'll be picking up a .223 Remington 700 from Sportsman Warehouse in Chico. After hefting the Mossberg and Tikka and Savage the Rem just had that immediate line up feel to the cheek. It's not the prettiest (ugly black plastic stock I'll probably take spray paint to or replace with a lam stock), or most expensive but I am praying the Remington accuracy history will come through and make this a good cost effective solution. It has a 24' barrel, and although it is a 1:12 twist I planned on keeping bullets under 62 grains anyway, so hopefully accuracy with 40-60 weight range will work out well. They all have a personality so we'll see. Like everyone else we will see where the no-lead thing goes, hope those longer projectiles don't play havoc with the twist rate. A Vortex scope will top it after next month's retirement check comes in. Saw them in the store also, just too pretty not to acquire. I'll put 1-200 rounds of any old thing through it at our little to scrub the barrel a bit then get down to handload selections. Now....shooting tables, a range finder, etc... (don't tell the wife). Thanks to all, I bow to my experienced elders...hope to hear from and converse with you all throughout the other parts of the CPC forum sites. You've made this past 6 weeks a real good time for a new guy in the sport and i respect you for it.
  15. Correction. Walter Omalley was the owner the Dodger Blue Mark V rifle, not Tommy Lasorda.