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  1. Wow for some reason I remember a couple guys on here years ago were pretty in to the Beatle thing ..... Tom are you going to make sport crab opener in hmb? Congrats on the move
  2. I'm looking for someone with Beatles for my azone buck skull.. any recommendations ...
  3. assasin

    New member

    There is a state park and a private campground near rio vista
  4. assasin

    Bodega Bay

    Good fish... It is hot in bodega this week and last .. Let's hope is sticks cause I can't get a day off work to save my life
  5. assasin

    I need wild pig recipes

    Hahaha I brined the ribs and brought them to a "networking night" beer drinking and BBQ . Well I was called a liar for tying to pass of store pig for wild hog. I made a brine with : maple syrup, brown sugar, oranges, lemons, salt, allspice, cloves, bay leaves, 1/2 cup of pappys. I'm gonna soak a ham in it next. I think I'll let it sit a week . These are the cleanest hogs I've ever killed and I can't wait for more!
  6. assasin

    I need wild pig recipes

    So I've got a couple of nice piglywiglys me and my buddy ear holed last night. Well I want to try to cure a ham or two or four if it works out well. So what have you guys tried and what have you had good experiences with?
  7. assasin

    Caviar for breakfast

    Holy cow that sounds good
  8. assasin

    More crabs

    hey! I saw you guys on the coast side party boat . I yanked my gear...I know what I used to do to sport pots when I was a commercial fisherman . as usual easy limits
  9. assasin

    More crabs

    Nice !
  10. assasin

    2013 HMB dungy opener

    yea I saw the coastside guys.. it is wide open right now rock fish is Hot and finally the CRBALANCHE!
  11. assasin

    2013 HMB dungy opener

    Nope small crab this year and next all the crab were 6-1/2 range in 2 more years we will be back in jumbo land
  12. assasin

    2013 HMB dungy opener

    So not the crabalanche i was hoping for but 15 on a 2 hour soak isn't bat we will see if i can slip out tomorrow and drum-roll please.. i present to you the Grungy dungy http://s39.photobucket.com/user/nsbravo/media/crabopperner2013_zps1badd165.jpg.html'>
  13. assasin

    2013 Lobster season good start

    man that is awesome I would love to get some lobsters and free diving them would be the best. It would be perfect after tagging out abbs
  14. assasin

    I need some new abalone recipes

    Whoa.... some yummy food porn ... abalone ceviche for your enjoyment
  15. assasin

    I need some new abalone recipes

    Thanks! No other takers?