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  1. Good to hear you ended up with something that will be not problematic and that you will enjoy.
  2. I use a 1000cc Honda side by side for hunting. It has a bench seat in the front and space for two in the back to use for the family when not hunting. Back seats stow so I can use as a bed. It is 1x4, 2x4, 4x4 and 4wd lock. I have been on some crazy terrain and no issues. Attached is a picture of my son keeping an eye out for coyotes. After we got three wild hogs dressed, the coyotes started going crazy. I have a dual gun mount on the front of the brush guard. I will attach more pictures.
  3. I'm gonna give them a shot. What is the biggest cooler they make? For beer......
  4. I have 2 boxes. I accidentally bought the wrong ammo. $100 mistake. One box is full with 200 rounds and the other has 150 rounds. It's yours for $50. I live in Fontana, CA If I don't sell the ammo, I'm going to have to buy a .17hmr rifle, lol
  5. Great!!!! Thanks for all the input. I was gearing more towards an RCBS unit. It seems easier to obtain equipment for an RCBS unit.
  6. I want to start loading my own ammo. I will be shooting 9mm, .40, and .223 for fun. And want to load my own .270 and .308 for hunting. Not sure if I should jump into a progressive or a single station. Any thoughts on the hornady progressive unit or the RCBS 7?
  7. So far I like it. Took it to a scouting trip, not as big of fan of the birds eye as I thought. Can't see property lines in bird view, but you can enable/disable Birdseye view. Ran it for almost 24 hours on first set of batteries. Easy to use, very accurate. Still working on a few bugs. Easy to mark spots, look up spots. After trip, uploaded my trip info onto base camp, awesome to see my marks, distance, satellite view, 3D view. Took a little getting used too, but great software.
  8. So far by just playing with it, I like the user friendliness. The Birdseye view is nice. It is very sensitive so it tracks even if the unit is still. Got the hang of it real quick, gonna take it out on a scouting trip, hopefully I can land my first piggy.
  9. Let me know how it works out. I will update as soon as I use mine.
  10. Just picked up the garmin 64st. Gonna get the hunt chip to see private/ public land. Does any body have this model? Pros/cons Thanks
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