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  1. There are so many new classes in rifle optics this days... Every article i read about mountain hunting: go as light as possible and in 90% of cases 2-7x35 Leup is recommended (or swaro or any other crazy expensive european scope) -- i.e. 7x is sufficient Every article i read about forest/brush hunting people recommend something fast: reddot or something like that. And as low magnification as possible on magnified optic Every article about hunting coyotes (except modern LR hunting) tell me that many times coyotes are killed in 300 yard range and in many cases they pop up from nowhere at 25-50 yards and on a run and people use shotgun (mount&shoot) So the question is: is modern tactical 1-4/1-6/1-8 scope really beats everything else for hunting? (except weight, but not a big problem? 10-12oz hunting scope vs 15-20 tactical)
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    Had the same dilemma some time ago. And just left all that to benchrest guys. Does it really harm accuracy OR decrease a barrel life? - I changed those questions to : 1) Does my application really require such level of accuracy, 2) do I really need such amount of bullets downrange with 1 barrel (or how much time it will take to burn the barrel) and 3) the most important part: can I shoot on par with the rifle. 1) I need to be able to put a bullet into 3"-4" up to 250-300yards. I got some ammo (nothing crazy: hornady with match bullets, 50C per cartridge) and was assured that rifle can shoot less than 1 inch at 100 yards and that was with factory ammo. 2) 223 can go up to 4-5k rounds before giving up. And with my current shootin rate it will take 3-4 years to burn the barrel. I stopped worrying about barrel life - ammo, gear, range fees and other things cost much more than a barrel. 3) no way I can outshoot the rifle. all 0.5 moa groups are from front/rear support, gun range conditions (no angles, no wind, known distance, comfortable position, a lot of time for a shot), reloading. The very first time I pulled a trigger on a gun in my hands without artificial support - I new that I need to focus on that, instead of trying to reach crazy 0.25MOA level with beddings, reloads, 36x magnification scopes, target triggers, etc on a bench So... after first 5 shots - everything was ok with a rifle. I finished the box, cleaned the rifle and that's it. This days I even don't clean it with a rod, just pull boresnake 2-3 times after the range and that's just to protect it from moisture (I put some oil/clp/whatever is close to me on a boresnake) The only special thing: i'm trying to track "cold bore shot", just in case if rifle shoots somewhere else with the very first shot of the day That's my very very limited experience... your situation or expectations may differ. I hope that helps