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  1. Took the plunge, just couldn't help myself.

    I started out with a Disco a couple years ago. Thought that would be all I needed. This one will be my fifth! Think I'll try a .30 next. More POWER, more POWER! Shooter John, how's the ground squirrel situation in No. California?
  2. High Pressure Tank Fills

    If anyone is still having trouble getting HP tank fills in San Diego try Ocean Enterprises on Balboa & 805. 10 fill card can be had for $60. Just FYI.
  3. I just hit the "buy" button on an FX Crown .25. Been saving up AND I'm an Airgun addict! Man, once you start this stuff there's no going back. Probably should sell my Marauder or AT44 but I love those too. This MIGHT be grounds for divorce.
  4. Long Range Ground Squirrel Hunting(VERY GRAPHIC)

    How far South are you? I'm in San Diego and have 5 properties that I hunt squirrels & rabbits on. Plenty of game and easy access. Mainly avocado & fruit farms.
  5. FYI re: Regulators

    In case anyone is interested, bought an Audrius regulator for my .25 BT65 Hatsan. Quality & design almost identical to Air Superiority regulator. Installation was very easy and at factory settings has made my gun incredibly accurate! Found it on EBay under Hatsan BT65 regulator. Took a couple weeks to get it as it comes from Lithuania but WELL worth the wait. LOVE My gun, ground squirrels HATE it! Paid $65 after asking seller for best price.
  6. Diana 54

    Anyone out there know where a Canadian friend of mine can find a suppressor/brake/moderator/LDC for his RWS Diana 54? GREAT Springer, just a bit loud.
  7. My .22 Mrod

    I sent you a few messages from my phone. Don't know if you received them because they're not showing here on the forum. Let me know if you got them.
  8. Hatsan BT65QE Problem

    Thanks for the reply. Figured it out. O-ring at back end of barrel was non existent. Put one in, works like a charm. Boy, Hatsan manuals don't give much info! Thank God for YouTube.
  9. Hatsan BT65QE Problem

    Any Hatsan BT65QE, .25 cal. owners out there who can help? I have to push bolt way too hard to get pellet to seat. When examining pellets after pushing bolt forward I can see that they've catching or binding at the 7 to 8 o'clock area of the breech end of the barrel just forward of the transfer port hole. Actually stripping lead off pellet & not allowing accuracy. Any advice, comments would be appreciated.
  10. Bwalton LDC's

    Anyone out using an LDC by bwalton? How's it working out for you? Thinking about one for my Hatsan BT65QE .25
  11. sd18hegberg videos?

    For the longest time I watched videos by "sd18hegberg" (don't know if that's exactly right), sure SOME of you know who I mean. Now they're non existent on YouTube. Anyone have any clue if he's still around or changed the name?
  12. Hatsan QE guns

    More than anything, I was wondering if anyone out there has had a similar experience and if it was rectified. Not looking to be an outlaw (those days are DONE)
  13. Hatsan QE guns

    While my .22 AT44 QE is VERY quiet my new BT65QE is louder than I'd expected. I disassembled the shroud to make sure baffling was in correct order & orientation, it was but still louder than what it should be. Not having a chrony I don't want to futz with power settings yet. Any suggestions on adding baffling or maybe changing baffle material? Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  14. BT65QE .25

    Hunting ground squirrel. Using JSB, 25.39grain exact. Didn't get a chanceto try polymags but didn't need to.Don't have a chrono but I'm assuming it's still on factory settings.
  15. BT65QE .25

    Got to hunt today with the BT65QE in .25 caliber. WHAT A BEAST. My first .25 & I love it! Literal knock down power. WOW.