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  1. crosman999

    Long Range Ground Squirrel Hunting(VERY GRAPHIC)

    I live in Ventura County
  2. Hey all, had the privilege to take a newcomer on his first ever Airgun hunt. He reached out through email on another forum and with a little work we were able to make things happen. The video is of the first two days that unfortunately were very windy, 40+mph that made long shots difficult. Enclosed is some very graphic footage that shows some fairly spectacular shots on some Ground Squirrels. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for a Jackrabbit hunting video coming up soon.
  3. crosman999

    Did a little Pre-Spring Scouting

    Caldwell 14"/30"
  4. Hey you guys, been a little dead on here with the Airgun hunting. I took the little hotdog out for a hunt the other day. Hope you can enjoy!
  5. crosman999

    Iquanas in Puerto Rico

    What's Not expensive these days? Lol
  6. crosman999

    Iquanas in Puerto Rico

  7. crosman999

    Iquanas in Puerto Rico

    my friend runs a guide service down in PR and he was saying he makes all his guys wear helmets. Guess they fall out of the trees and knock people out..lol Airguns are really the only means of hunting there,does look interesting but not my thing. They hunt monkeys too I guess.
  8. crosman999

    Did a little Pre-Spring Scouting

    Thanks! No it wasn't in SD area,the Oak trees,fallen Logs and rocks make this place the perfect habitat. Can't wait till Spring!! 😊
  9. crosman999

    Tinkering with Airforce Condor. I like it so far.

    Doug's valve really performs well. I had the privilege to shoot a few of his guns including his .338 at the Extreme Benchrest. No doubt you have a great gun for Coyotes!!
  10. crosman999

    Where is everyone?

    I just got back on here,needed a break for awhile! Still been hunting and shooting Airguns on the regular though.
  11. Hey guys,been awhile since I have posted as I felt I needed a break from here. This year I plan to continue making hunting videos and will try posting here again more often. Here is my visit to one of my favorite areas.
  12. crosman999

    Taipan Mutant Short .22

    They are nice! Haven't had a chance to shoot the short version but the standard one I shot in .22 was very nice and quiet. Very smooth cocking with amazing trigger. Stacks em at 100yrds too
  13. Carl has quite the rig,I was shooting Doug Nobles gun at the fun shoot and was hitting a Ground Squirrel Silhouette at 350 like it was 50yrds away. These guns are no doubt amazing!!
  14. crosman999

    Another So Cal Fun Shoot April 24th

  15. crosman999

    Hatsan Fill Probe