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  1. Baja Traveler

    6 Dasher/BR Norma

    Wow - that is a beauty! Makes my off the shelf Savage 6BR look like an old maid...
  2. Baja Traveler

    Decided on new safe

    It's not big enough! You'll be kicking yourself in a few years...
  3. Baja Traveler

    Your favorite 22?

    Right now, mine is probably this Stevens 414 made for training Army troops during World War I - After all these years it is still tack accurate, and my favorite for shooting the long range .22 silhouette matches.
  4. Baja Traveler

    Nuclear radiation in pacific ocean

    http://deepseanews.com/2013/11/true-facts-about-ocean-radiation-and-the-fukushima-disaster/ Won't affect my eating habits one bit...
  5. Baja Traveler

    Reloading 45ACP

    I cast for every pistol I shoot, and I only use neck tension on all of my loads. In all the years I've been shooting I can only recall once a round feeding funny and jamming the bullet into the case. I just used the impact hammer to disassemble the round and process it again...
  6. Baja Traveler

    FED-EX showed up yesterday :)

    Wow - I'll bet that thing cost as much as my Sharps! But it sure is awesome! Someday I'd like to pick up a big bore air rifle, gotta start saving those nickels and dimes though...
  7. Baja Traveler

    I think I may want to reload...?

    My range IS my church... And yes - I caught hell the other week for leaving for a silhouette match and then coming home with a Colt SAA without discussing it with the other half first... Guilty on all counts.
  8. Baja Traveler

    My Extreme Bench rest experience,

    So in that first picture are you shooting silhouettes between all the signs? I don't know what the heck is on the first sign, but I see a chicken on the second, then a turkey on the 3rd - seems they missed the pig... Looks like a fun match, though I doubt my Disco and RWS 75 would stand much of a chance against all that fancy hardware there... I'd be more than happy to take the air rifles out and hunt on the weekends that I'm not shooting silhouette matches.
  9. Baja Traveler

    I think I may want to reload...?

    If you are only going to shoot a couple hundred rounds a year it's not worth it. But, for around a $400 investment you would be immune from the empty shelves we've seen lately (assuming you have the powder and primers on hand). http://www.midwayusa.com/product/646599/rcbs-rock-chucker-supreme-single-stage-press-master-kit
  10. Baja Traveler

    Which air rifle? And where legal to hunt

    I'd recommend shopping around for a used scuba tank in the classifieds (make sure the date stamped in it is within the past 5 years, they have to be Hydro tested every 5 years at a cost of about $35), then get the Benjamin Discovery and a fill adapter. You will not regret getting a PCP - or save a bit more money and get the more refined and much quieter Marauder. I see you are in Irvine, so Mac1 isn't too far from you, get it from him and he tunes every rifle before selling it. Great source of information on all things air gunning also...
  11. Baja Traveler

    Howard Hill

    Thats the way I do it - pick a spot and shoot, all instinctively. I tried 3-under once, and hated it - string walking I could never get the hang of... Our range at Balboa Park is named after Rube Powell - a legend around these parts...
  12. Baja Traveler

    Tough Bear problem solved

    Time and temperature is what it takes to break down the connective tissue in meats. Alton Brown just had an excellent episode on stews (Good Eats), and explained how and why meat can be tough or cut with a fork depending on how it's cooked (and why it always tastes better the next day). It was really good - maybe Hulu+ has it on tap...
  13. Baja Traveler

    Airguns and the California Lead Ban...

    I think from what I read, the bill will ban only centerfire lead ammunition. Rimfire and airguns are not affected (yet). My Disco is minute of squirrel out to 90 yards, anything beyond that falls below my lowest mildot in my scope.
  14. Baja Traveler

    Tough Bear problem solved

    Just for future reference - that's also the way to cook a Javelina to pure delight...
  15. Baja Traveler

    Finally finished my Disco Stock

    Yea, Blaster rings a bell so that must be it. I also got a second stock slightly different in black/green for when I pick up a .25 Marauder...