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    Ghillie Suit

    I'd worry about being shot by another hunter!
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    Ghillie Suit

    I really don't think it is necessary, but the less that an animal can see, the better off you are. I would worry more about scent control, an animal trust their noses more than sight. Tom
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    Went featureless and loving it!

    That looks good Matt. It's California that has changed the beauty contest rules.
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    As a service to all of the people on this board I will be glad to come and get or have you ship to me all the smokless or black powder you have over the limit for proper disposal. I would not want any of you to loose sleep or go to prison over this and out of the kindness of my heart will help out dispose of all extra powder. Please just contact me for shipping instructions if I am unable to come and get it.You may also dispose of any brass/bullets/primers that might cause the LE to come after you. I am just trying to do my part in keeping you all legal and safe. I do not even charge for this service.