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    Making a Silent Pellet Trap...

    I'll save you guys some time and money on building a pellet trap. There used to be plans for a silent pellet trap on the web but the guy sells them now. His were made of wood and I made a couple I still use. But I found something that works even better and can stand up to even my PCP airguns. You can get all of the materials from Home Depot. I print my own targets on a 90 pound weight paper so that the pellets cut clean holes. So you can take a standard sheet of 8.5X11 paper to the store and go to the electrical department. Find the cheapest metal electrical circuit box (breaker box) that the paper fits closely over. The box fronts come off and you'll get rid of it when you get home. Then find or ask the sales person to get you to the Electrical Duct Sealant. It's a gray putty that comes in stick blocks and get enough to make one layer of it inside your box. Take your materials home and take the top off of the circuit box and throw it away. Take your duct seal and stuff it into the box. Go find a refrigerator door magnet or I use a magnetic paper clip to hold your target to the front of the metal electrical box. There you have your silent pellet trap. These are very quiet that don't splatter lead or lead dust around and you can shoot almost indefinitely into them without worrying about removing the pellets. Plus since it's a metal box you never have to worry about your pellets making a hole out the back like I did with my wooden version.
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    As cool as the temps have been those eggs should be fine. You can always float them to see how old they are. Get a bowl of cool water twice as deep as the eggs are thick. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom of the bowl and probably lie on their sides. Slightly older eggs (about one week) will lie on the bottom but bob slightly. If the egg balances on its smallest tip, with the large tip reaching for the top, it's probably close to three weeks old. Eggs that float at the surface are bad and should not be consumed.
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    If you are pretty sure you will have to use lead free bullets in the future check out what lead free bullets are available for the rifle cartridge, caliber and barrel twist rates that are available. There are some great rifles out there for lead bullets that won't be that great with the lead free bullets being shot through them because you will have to shoot bullets that weigh 30% to 40% lighter in them because of the slow twist rate. Quite a few calibers have only copper lead free bullets available, some calibers have bullets that are lead free bullets that are not solid copper and these bullets are much less expensive than the copper bullets are. It may take the bullet manufacturers 10 years or more to start making decent lead free bullets for all the different calibers. The rifle manufacturers will also need to make more .224 cal and smaller rifles with faster twist rates so heavier lead free bullets can be used in them. Before I had to use lead free bullets I never thought about the twist rate on rifles. If you even think you may have to use lead free bullets check out the lead free bullets that are available and what twist rates that are recommended for those bullets before you buy a rifle. It really sucks having to go lead free, don't make it worse by not checking out the few options that we do have before buying a new rifle.
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    Fished the Delta

    Today my friend Mike fished in the Delta around Pittsburg. My friend Mike hooked up on a small Sturgeon, and a small bass. I hooked up on a 63' Sturgeon, three inches to long, so I had to release him. Tom
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    Too Funny!!!

    So I finally found a place to get the wax for the casting, and just in time as the lead came in today. This time it was a white truck with a white box . Don't know why it never occurred to me, but there is a Hobby Lobby down the road. So I go in there and can not find it by the candles, so I ask a young man if they have plain old wax. He looks at me kind of funny and hesitantly says "I think so, by thr candle making stuff". So we head in that way and he asks another guy there if thay have wax. He looks at me and says it is in the crafts section. I give him a blank stare that he must have recognized before (like I know where the crafts secttion is), and said in the back wall on the left. The forst yong man shows me the way and I find it. I thak him and go pay. As I'm paying for it what looks like a mangaer of some kind comes over like she is going to tell the kid at the register to go to breal or something. As he continues ringing it up she gives me a funny look. I knew what was coming next. "Can I ask you a question sir?". Big surprise. "Yes ma'am, you can ask me anything". She replies "You don't look like the candle making type, may I ask you what you are doing with wax?". I explain that it is for a new hobby, casting lead, and proceed to tell them what it is for expecting them to frown upon it. Instead they were very interested and intrigued as they have never heard that before. She then goes on again "Oh, that might explain why I have seen a coule other guys buying it as well. They must be doing the same thing". At that point I could not help myself. As I walked away, I replied "Maybe. Were they wearing Stetsons as well. If so then they might be. But if they were wearing a tennis tyoe sun visor, odds are they were probably just making candles for their life partners". I could still hear them both laughing as I went all the way out the door.........................
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    Even though itw as windy and raining today, you can't pick what days off you get, so i went to the range again. There were constant 10+mph winds all day, and off and on rain. No worries, a little water won't make me melt. First runner up today was the Marlin CB .45-70. I was playing with the Trail Boss powder again. If you have not tried it, try it! SHoots grest and is just a ton of fun to shoot for light loads with heavy bullets. These are all from 50 yards with open sights today. FIrst one is the 13gr load. Not spectacular, but with the winds and the fact is was raining, not horrific either. You can see the water on the paper . The next pic is of the much stouter IMR4198 loads scattered on the left side along with the three loads of 13.5gr of Trail Boss in the middle. These looked even better, so I nestle down and do my best to concentrate harder. It showed, a little bit. I couldn't imagine this load with a scope. I then load up two mags of each (eleven total of each load) and fire them as quick as I could shoot, rack the lever, aquire target and shoot again. It was not freehand (I wish) but not bad by any means, especially for the speed they were being shot. I have officially found my loads for this gun and small game/plinking I then moved on to the .50cal black poowder. I wanted to try some different types of bullets today, conicals to be exact. The first up were the 240gr Hornady PA conicals. Not impressive at all . Very bummed. I fire about a half dozen of those before deciding to try the 370 Maxi-Balls. I probably should have clened the fouling in the barrel a bit, but I still want to see how clean this Black Dot MZ powder is, so I fire 5 Maxi-balls over a felt wad. I watch the first three start to make one big black hole, albeit way left, before it started to really foul and scatter the bullets. I don't know how much of the leftward shooting was the wiind and how much is me. I will try it again with no wind before adjusting anything though. But I had similar results lst time with these Maxi-Balls. Thnk that may be "the" load, don't know. I ran out before I could test much more. Always next time. Now the real fun was about to begin. The Frakengun was next on the list. This is the one I had rebuilt the breech on. I was nervous to say the least . I loaded her up light with 50gr, waited until nobody was on the line so that in case the breech flew off it wouldn't hit them, squinted my eyes and pulled the trigger. Through the squint I could see dust in the burm fly up. It shot! It didn't take my eyes or my hand! Nobody was screaming like they were shot from a flying piece of gun! I tried a couple shots loaded light, not very good. This gun always liked being loaded a little hotter. So I cautiously jump to 60grs and it was better, but not great. I decided I would clean the fouling at this point and jump to 70grs. next. That is when I realized the new ramrod was a 10-32 thread and the cleaning jag was an 8-32 thread . Still working out all the details. It was getting harder to load, but I had to see what happened. I loaded 70grs and watched the first two shots almost touch. Great I thought, considering how horendous the sights on this gun really are. I will have to change them. Yes, that bad. then the fouling started to kick in and I called it quits. I have to admt to getting a little misty eyed after the last round thinking about the old man. Fun but sad all at the same time..... With those all being shot, and time running out, I decided to head over to the pistol range. I took the Texas New Army .44 and ran it with some 20+ year old Goex Black Powder. This stuff is M E S S Y!!! My first few shots from 15 yards were too too bad. I've seen modern guns shoot worse, like the guy next to me . When I reloaded the cylinder, 10 minutes later, I put up the second pic here at 15 yards. I don't know if the poor guy next to me was upset about the nooise and smoke, or if he was a little upset while he was watching me. He was havng a tough time hitting a 10"x12" hanging metal plate at the same distance while I out this on the paper. Oh well, no sense of humor I guess. That Goex was so nasty I had to field clean the gun every two cylinders.It literally would not even cock the hammer. No wonder they used to carry so many pistols instead of reloading them All in all a great day. Even in spite of the wind and the rain. I still have a long ways to go and a lot of testing andd trial and error, but I think I could very easily make these my main choice of shooting. Hearing about guys complainig and getting frustrated about opening up their group size 1/4" because of the wind/rain or because they pulled a shot only drove home how much more I amenjoying this type of shooting. Slow, steady, good enough to hunt with, and most importantly, just plain fun. Next up, with a L O T of help from a certain administrator/owner/operator of this forum I begin casting round balls and more than likely conicals as well. Everything arrive this week supposedly, so I know what I will be doing in my spare time. Great, another addiction
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    The 5 watt commercial band handheld radios we used to use at our mine easily reached the 43 miles line of sight to my house. Of course our line of sight was from 3000 feet elevation to my backyard at 175 feet. But from one side of the ridge to the other forget it. That's what we had a repeater for.
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    Want to tan my first coyote pelt

    John, I won't send S back to USA FOXX. We just got back our foxes and raccoons from last year...let me tell you...every single one of them was messed up. Tails missing, holes everywhere, hair missing. Terrible, terrible. Oh, and it took them almost a year to get them back to us, and THEN they lost one. After calling them and complaining about the quality, they said "there weren't any notes on the account regarding the shape of the furs"...so, they openly said that what we got is normal quality. Sad. We asked them to replace the furs that were messed up and lost (all of them, I think), and they did. What they sent was also not what I'd call quality, but better than the original batch. And it took them weeks to send that replacement batch. Now we're sending them to a local taxidermist friend of ours that fleshes them for us and sends them to his tanner at cost. Not my cup of tea. Just a heads up.
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    New and first smoker

    You may want to think twice about your smoker being in the garage! Not only can you dangerously raise carbon monoxide levels that could migrate into your house but the smoke will chase out in a short time.
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    It would have been great if I would have had this trail camera set on video.The coyote on the left is chasing the fawn on the far right.The doe is going after the coyote that is chasing her fawn. This is on the same ranch that we saw 21 coyotes on in one day last winter. The same day that we saw 21 coyotes we only saw 2 deer.
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    any striper guys on this site?

    Ive striper fished the Sacramento River and the delta most of my life. Started out bait fishing but now mostly troll or throw hardware at them.
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    modoc squeek shooter

    223 Rem Lead Free

    Think I will keep poisioning things lol. Ed
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    Hunting trips?

    I know you can kill them with a very well placed shot. But the areas I hunt in are so brushy it wouldn't be appropriate as it's very difficult to make a perfectly clear shot. So I would need something larger to make it through the brush. But when i was a kid we killed pigs at my great uncles with a like pig shooter we called it. It was a very same cut down single shot .22 rifle that we used .22 shorts in. Of course I was only a few feet from them but a shot to the top of the head was all it took to drop them like a rock. I always wanted to be the shooter and I never had anyone else care to do it after I started. Until they finally sold the place. I could easily used a .25 caliber airgun back then.
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    modoc squeek shooter

    choosing a gun

    NRGMATT I have never experienced this problem. I was born into a hunting family and my sons and grandchildren were too. In Calif. as it is today I am not sure what a new person (that is interested in hunting and the shooting sports would do). I would say follow the State (Dept. of Fish and Wildlife) laws. You have to follow the laws, but I think you need to gather friends that have some experience in hunting, or at least go to a public range. Warning! make damn sure what friends tell you is legal. And be damn careful Guns are MADE TO KILL. Now the 308 is a damn good caliber, lol I had one I the war, but for a first gun it limits you, go buy a cheap 22 lr and learn to shoot. Just my thoughts. Ed PM me if you have questions, I will try to answer. ED
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    modoc squeek shooter

    Scat recon

    You looking for who done it? Wasn't me! I have to agree with some of the others, coyote or coon. ED
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    It is a Flues and I'll have to dig it out to be absolutely sure of the date but I remember it being in the early to mid 20's. I only shoot low base loads in it. Though I have several boxes of ammo my granddad left in the closet where it used to be kept. I have a couple of his old hunting licenses in with them. Just old memorabilia but it means something to me.
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    The Long Range Bug

    That's fun stuff Rich. A close friend and I used to spend hours at his place shooting rocks in a couple of old hydraulic mining pits across the valley from his property. He knew the owner of the land and since they were seldom there allowed us to shoot into the pits. We would ride the ATV's over and spray paint a couple of the rocks on the face of the pit. They were river rocks from an ancient river bed and ranged in size from grapefruit to beach ball size and bigger. Then we'd return to his place and attempt to break of dislodge them with the fewest shots. The pits ranged from a close shot of 250 yards to over 1500 yards. The longest shots were just closest to or if you got lucky a hit. But we used every sort of rifle and even pistols and must have shot tens of thousands of rounds having a ball the whole time. We shot cases of old military .30-06 ball ammo because it was so cheap and allot of it was available. It was amazing how accurate you could get fairly quickly shooting at those rocks. We had to use some good spotting scopes when the light wasn't right but late afternoon the sun hit just right and you could even trace the ammo to impact. His old Ruger 10/22 Gatling gun you could paint watching the stream of bullets flying into the shadow. I wish he was still alive as I know we'd still be shooting up a storm.
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    Hunting Dove with an Airgun

    I noticed this on the DFG site and thought I would post it as information. Dove Hunting Question: I understand that doves can be taken with airguns/spring guns with use of pellets. Does this mean I can take them while perched but not in flight? If yes, when I go dove hunting can I take both my shotgun and my airgun? And if this is alright, can I use my shotgun when the doves are in flight and my air gun when they land? Do the same regulations apply to quail? (Blong Y.) Answer: It is legal to take perched doves and other resident small game (including quail) with air rifles powered by compressed air or gas, as prescribed in the regulations. However, only the following dove species are classified as Resident Small Game and may be taken with pellet guns: Chinese spotted doves, Eurasian collared-doves and ringed turtle-doves of the family Columbidae. Western mourning dove and all other migratory game birds may not be taken by pellet gun (California Code of Regulations Title 14, section 300( B ). You may carry both the pellet gun and shotgun while hunting.
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    Jeeps for hunting

    It's been along time but I'm pretty sure the CJ8 didn't come out until the 1980's. it was Jeeps try for a truck and they didn't make or sell many of them. They are scarce today but highly sought after.
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    One of my calls is the Spitfire. I cannot really say how good or bad of a call it is yet, as I have only used it a few times... mostly with bad luck. Specifically the remote and call box itself not working on several occasions. HOWEVER, since Foxpro replaced nearly every part in it (a "slight" exaggeration) for free, it "seem"s to be working fine. At least on the neighborhood dogs. I will know more after this next week. The Wildfire was not out yet when I purchased my Spitfire, and I would have bought it over the Spitfire. Just too many (nice) extras for only a few dollars more. I have one friend that has owned a number of e calls, perhaps 4 or 5 Foxpros, their more expensive models. If I remember right, he has stated he's had problems, again, with their remotes on most, if not all of them. Earlier this year, he purchased the Alpha Dog & in his opinion, it is hands down better than Foxpro. Now, this is after he called in only 2 coyotes with it (early this yr), and I have not spoken to him about it since. And keep in mind, the Alpha is still a fairly new call. But hey?? As far as any or all reviews go, you have to read between the lines sometimes. For example, some folks give high star ratings over all, and then in the body of their note, state the remote (or other) problems they had. I've seen this often!. And Foxpro has been notified by various folks (more than once), including myself, both by phone & in writing, with no feedback or idea of what they intend to do or not do to my knowledge. The other (excellent review rating) is when someone rates how good a call is by ONLY the # of animals they call or don't call in. Can you imagine the ignorance of this? I've even talked to other callers first hand with them telling me how bad a certain call is since they hadn't called anything in with it, after the FIRST time using it. So, like I say, one has to read past the (face value) star ratings. Now, with all that said, I DO like Foxpro, and own 2 of them. Their service is 2nd to none, & a good thing too, as odds are better than fair that one will need it... from what I've read & seen! Also, I am NOT promoting the Alpha Dog. Not one bit! I am merely only trying to state my, & my friends experience and what I have read about and talked to others in person on is all. Perhaps a good idea is to go to someplace like BassPro or Cabelas and compare the two calls in person. Contact A.P. Jones from ALLPREDATORCALLS.COM (on the net) and get his say might be another. Finally, most, if not all 8 battery e callers will have low battery life. Sometimes VERY low. Just my
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    Baja Traveler

    Phone GPS

    I never saw a need for turn by turn in the wilderness. But for everything else I use the Cabelas Recon app on my Droid X when I'm out with the phone. It works really well. My primary GPS though is a Garmin Oregon with the topo maps... If you see a need to actually send a location, get a SPOT - they come highly recommended and are proven to actually work, unlike some app.
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    mtn dog

    Camo...is It Necessary?

    Camo is absolutely essential for successful hunting! The more expensive, the better. JUST ASK any major retailer who sells it.
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    Awesome job to both you and Tom on getting your first air rifle bunnies. The hunt is fun, but coming back with something makes it that much sweeter. The meal looks great too.
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    My Bad

    Lee is right they'll fix it or give you a new one most likely. They are great about any sort of repairs.