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    Well picked up my little bronco. Seems to run pretty well a few issues that overall are minor. Window on drivers side door doesn't work. A buddy told me you can buy the mechanism to replace existing one and then it should work fine. Electric windows. Havent had the four wheel drive checked yet but will soon. Seems to handle snow ok. Got about 8 inches in my parking space at my rv. It goes right thru it. I do think the rear axel is locking up just fine. Hope the front does as well once I get it working. Rear hatchback door needs adjustment. Doednt always shut off dome light when closed. again an issue that can be easily fixed. Got new tires for it and shop checked all brskes when replacing tires. Brakes are all good. So i'm a happy csmper. Beats the hell outta that $45 a day for a rental.
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