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    I would rather shoot a 22 cal lead free bullet instead of a 20 cal lead free bullet.
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    Those types of targets are fun. That steel can take allot of abuse and live to tell the tale. I've sheared bolt heads off with the bullet splatter.
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    I agree, those featureless stocks hurt.....
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    What did you do to him to deserve that? Leaving that on the porch is even worse than leaving a flaming bag of dog poo on the porch Damn, just when I almost got the stink off my screen. Now the flies are circling around it again I won't even start on the "South San Francisco California" on the package label....
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    That is going to be a lot of fun plinking. Tom
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    I'll get drunk and sing, but Bob will have to dance...
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    :roflmao3[1]: :roflmao3[1]: I think I know what the answer would be. Probably the same one I would give: Here is how you get there, Go out in your yard, dig a really, really, really deep hole, and jump in it and go to Hell!!! :roflmao3[1]: My eyes are still watering and my gut hurts from laughing Frank. You're killin me