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    When I started playing with lead free several years ago I had a rough time with the e-tip. Could very well just have been inexperience. I have recently gone to the GMX with very good results and a much easier time. Those e-tip bullets are lllloooonnngggg.
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    I have always had a deep respect for FoxPro, and their products. I used to use hand calls a long, long time ago, then quit calling, but picked up an FX3 many years later. And I can appreciate the need for new and improved products. But seriously????? I just read today about their upcoming caller, the Aftershock. Apparently only drawings are available and not a finished product yet that was recently released. Supposedly it will have a tripod stand, four rotating speakers, and a GPS. GPS? You're kidding, right? But wait, there's more. It will also have Fox bang, FoxCast, FoxFusion, FoxData, FoxPitch, and FoxMotion. I think it may also have a fox stole, Fox Sports, Fox News, and can dance a Foxtrot. But the best is yet to come! It comes with 100 preprogrammed sounds, and my personal favorite, it can hold up to ONE THOUSAND sounds. So I guess if your first 999 sounds don't lure a coyote in, don't give up, that 1,000th sound is definitely bound to bring him in . Is this really what we've come to? The calls are becoming as heavy as the rifles are. I wouldn't know who to bitch slap first, the guy who devised this, or the one who approved it? You would think they would be working to make a more efficient and louder speaker in a smaller, lighter package instead of a call you are going to have to ride on? I sure hope this isn't the new trend Here is a picture of the new caller. Here's also a picture of the new rifle they developed to go with it too lol.
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    I concur, that's why MY table has one. Anyone borrowing this table is on their own
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    come on dude, what's wrong with that? the shockwave from these speakers will kill all coyotes within 5 miles radius, then you just use the GPS to find them, you just kick back and watch fox sports while the caller is killing the coyotes, how cool is that?
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    What Desert fox says. On another note I wonder if sierra ever is going to get into the non lead.
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    I will NEVER forgive the company, NO MATTER WHO OWNS IT, for being the driving force behind the lead ban laws. You can support them all you want, I refuse to, and NEVER will. Especially since other companies make equally as well of a product, and did not screw us. A sell-out I will never be. Just not in my blood. Not to mention the countless number of times you hear about their bullets passing straight through with little to no damage. I have yet to hear of any problems of that nature by Nosler or Hornady, only by THE BULLET COMPANY THAT SCREWED US.
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    Yes sir, Howa only makes the .243 Win in a 1:8 twist. Like I said though, this was when lead free first came out and I (Hell, we all) had zero experience with it. It is the same gilded metal as the GMX, not pure soft fouling copper like many of those from that bullet company that screwed us. What I did notice is that not only being very long, they don't have any bands in them to relieve some of the added bearing surface and pressure. Here is a couple of pictures to give you an idea. The leftmost is a standard leaded 80gr bullet. The center one is the 80gr GMX lead free. On the right is the 90gr e-tip. I have not used the GMX on anything considered big game, but it did exactly as expected on a coyote. While not a very tough animal, it did expand a little, but not overly expansive, leading to believe it would hold up fairly well in big game. But I am definitely a biased opinion, as I am a very large fan of Hornady products. You can see the exit hole in these pics.
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    Yes, the grip wrap sucks but it was nice to have a standard mag release for the day. I had actually forgotten how to use one.
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    Oh the humanity! I will now have nightmares. I am holding YOU responsible for my insomnia now!
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    Well picked up my little bronco. Seems to run pretty well a few issues that overall are minor. Window on drivers side door doesn't work. A buddy told me you can buy the mechanism to replace existing one and then it should work fine. Electric windows. Havent had the four wheel drive checked yet but will soon. Seems to handle snow ok. Got about 8 inches in my parking space at my rv. It goes right thru it. I do think the rear axel is locking up just fine. Hope the front does as well once I get it working. Rear hatchback door needs adjustment. Doednt always shut off dome light when closed. again an issue that can be easily fixed. Got new tires for it and shop checked all brskes when replacing tires. Brakes are all good. So i'm a happy csmper. Beats the hell outta that $45 a day for a rental.
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    Yep, I know what you were saying. I was just stating how I have never heard of the GMX failing, but have heard many a story about the bullet company that screwed us failing. I can't help but think that it is because of the soft pure copper. Pushed at extremely high speeds (usually up close) I can't help but think that the soft copper has the potential to come apart and puncture like a needle, unlike the much harder gilded metal. Pure copper is just way too soft in my opinion. But again, that is strictly my opinion. Well, apparently Hornady's and Nosler's as well lol. I wouldn't expect the GMX to have V-Max like eruption, but that is not what it was designed to do. I do believe it will open up, even if only a little, exposing the razor sharp petals and cutting as it passes. So even if a .264 diameter bullet opens up to .30 or .40 thousandths, what can we expect from a .223cal GMX after expanding? Bob is certainly correct, there really are no lead free "varmint" bullets for the .264 calibers, but there are several in leaded versions. This is what leads to me to absolutely believe that there absolutely will be very soon in accordance to the laws. And I am willing to bet that Hornady will be leading that pack. In fact, I am counting on it. For now though I will rely on the GMX. A mildly expanding GMX in a coyote size game would be much the same as a completely expanded .30cal bullet in a larger game animal. You do know that you could NOT pay ME enough $$$ to shoot even ONE of their products from the bullet company that screwed us!!!! Have you not been paying attention? Lol. But don't think for a second I will ot try some 95gr V-max or 85gr Sierra HP's on rabbits in the very near future