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  2. 404 lockout again hmmm I had a cortisone shot in that same shoulder back in 1992 for a different ailment. I can honestly say I'd rather deal with the sore shoulder than another one of those shots. I started an exercise routine to try and strengthen everything up, so far so good. Yeah, the little gun sure points quick but that's what I wanted. Grouse here are a very quick point and shoot with most shots well inside of 20 yards because you cant see any further than that. I think I need to speed up my shots at the range. On that note I haven't been back to bust clays due to the darned fish. Trolled the other day for a couple dinners worth of lake trout, couldn't find the salmon. Just about nightly after work is largemouth bass on topwater frogs AND the herring are starting to come in so out comes the kayak and flyrod for Friday and Saturday.
  3. That's a nice setup. People need to carry spare mags because you never know when you might need them.
  4. Thanks John. They work amazing, even with sweaty hands in 103 degree heat. VZ Operator II grips. Oh, I also had to purchase a new crib for the girl. I couldn't bring myself to buy anything but leather for her
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  6. Nice looking grips Bob!
  7. Thanks. If you knew the, for lack of a better word, infestation, where I take most these rabbits you would never believe it. Not uncommon to see dozens and dozens in the roughly !/2 square mile I like to hunt in. On a good day I'm lucky if i even get a shot at one of every ten I see. And the .308 is fun, but the 45gr Lehigh Controlled Chaos in the .22-250 makes the .308 look like it a BB gun. Tried it once, just once, literally split in two! I went to the furniture store too. Needed something to break up the solid black look. Extremely comfortable and will much better with sweaty palms in the desert heat.
  8. Bisley

    cz bobwhite

    Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Have you considered the possibility of a Cortisone shot? Some will find it lasts a short while while other last forever. I am going on three years for a wrist I could not even tie my shoes with. I know the 12ga is a handy little scattergun, I can only imagine how quick that 20ga handles!
  9. You certainly have a thing for rabbits. The Kimber looks much more fur friendly than your .308 Nice shooting on the bunnies.
  10. I have no idea why but it looked like I got booted from the site for a few weeks. 404 forbidden or something. Anyway. I joined the local shooting club and started slinging pellets at clay birds, so far a few rounds of sporting clays and 5 station trap. I'm shooting better than expected and worse than hoped , upper 30's on the sporting clays and 19 on the 5 station. C/IC with 7/8's of #8's is getting me a lot of chipped birds and light hits. I think I'm going to change it out to M/F and see if it's pattern density or they are marginal hits due to ummm uhhh ...aim. I did some pattern testing and tried to upload a couple of photos but didn't have any luck. It's probably me and not Flicker and could be why I had trouble logging in here. The fit on the gun seems just fine. There are no glaring gaps of wood along the edges, all metal looks nice and crisp. No waves in the rib like my old Win 1200 is kinda nice. Both barrels have the same poi at 20ish grouse yards. Points where I'm looking. It's missing all the fancy wood and receiver engravings which is fine with me. I hurt my shoulder putting a boat onto the trailer solo and went to the doc. The good new was it isn't a torn rotor cuff, bad new was plain ole arthritis. It make me glad I opted for the 20 instead of the 12. Fifty shells is about all I'm good for, but at least it keeps expense down.
  11. Yeah tell me about it. Well worth the money
  12. That's worth it just to not have to mess with all the prep work. If it were me it would be more like $1000/120 prepped cases lol.
  13. Hey guys, anybody looking for 223/5.56 brass? A shop in Rancho Cordova has a pretty good deal, Cleaned, Sized, Trimmed & Primed (CCI 400) $120/1000. It's a mix of military and commercial Redline Ballistics Inc. Rich
  14. Well, I took your advice as an excuse to get out for the day. Spent the entire day yesterday upgrading the bike trailer so I could shoot/ride today. It was worth it!!! After cleaning the Kimber up on Wednesday and giving her a good oil rubdown she didn't have one single hiccup today. She definitely has an affinity for Longshot and Unique powder behind 185gr FP Xtreme copper plated bullets. With the 6gr load of Unique being my go-to. Very mild and comfortable, not to mention I can keep 5 rounds in the 2" targets when I do my part. And it hits exactly to where I like my POI to be. One thing I have to keep reminding myself is that the softer I hold, the better I shoot. And the less recoil I feel. If I hold it just this side of dropping it the bullets holes stack on top of each other at 15 and 25 yards, shooting freehand. It's like she can will the bullets to hit. Absolutely amazing. Now, if I can just remember that when the adrenaline is pumping I'd be golden
  15. Air rifles are not classified as firearms in the state of California, that is why they were exempted from the non-lead ammo law.
  16. Welcome to the 1911 shooting club! I'm glad that you finally have one and now will know the pleasure of shooting one. All of mine are modified some more than others but I trust them fully. Get some rounds like Winchester White Box and go out and shoot that thing to break it in. You need to rattle that thing a little to wring it out. Have fun Bob!
  17. Well, I finally went out to pick her up yesterday. Short version, I am totally enamored and in love!!! Why oh why did I wait so long??? Long story, I learned a lot. After leaving work, driving 140 miles, and waiting in line to get in (riot/looting prevention), we had under a 1/2 hour to shoot. This thing is a Cadillac! Unbelievably smooth, and recoils lighter than my Ruger P89 9mm does. I didn't realize the 1911's I shot were 4" aluminum frames pistols. I was not ready for the luxury of the 5" steel frame and slide pistol. As far as flinging lead, what's to say? The first shot caught me by surprise since my only two auto pistols are a 25 year old S&W 410 SA/DA 40cal and the Ruger SA/DA P89 9mm. After pulling table legs for trigger so long a REAL trigger is amazing!!! And every pull of it produced a 7/16" hole directly above the sights. And with the super smooth cycling, follow up shots were almost too easy. While pulling it straight out of the box and throwing rounds downrange is not ideal, I had no choice. I had one or two stovepipes, but I was also shooting reloads for a caliber I have never owned, and didn't even have a firearm to check them with. I can live with a couple of hangups under those conditions. I also was shooting the two 8 round extra Kimber mags I ordered. I don't think I could be more happy. And it was worth the drive(s) dealing by with the great folks at Second Amendment Sports in Bakersfield.
  18. Braz

    fur friendly

    I love the 90’s. But as you know i love levers.havetwo of them. Bought one 4 or 5 yeats ago. Had a lafy friend not tpoo long ago eho had her fsthers. Gave it to me yo hold until wewere able to go hunting. She passrd away, buti still hsve the gun. Both ate 300 Savage. I am kinda looking around for another in 250-3000. Both are in really nice condition. Not sure of build year of eather one. He fsthers im guessing is probably 50-60 years old. The one i bought is much newer, maybe 30 years old.
  19. I hsve a 1 inch thick piece of steel that i picked up onan old railroad bed. It sits on the end of my bench and works great. Just didnt work hitting the wooden work bench,even as solid as itis?
  20. I'm pretty much in the same place, except I got run over by a judge named C.G. Money. I'd like to hear how your adventure went.
  21. Bisley


    Or what I call "mag fillers" with lead on top........ I just didn't want you to get frustrated without warning. They are extremely tough, and would most likely punch right through with little expansion think skin like coyotes. That bullet would actually be better off on pig or deer.
  22. Bob, I can always use them for dust collectors.
  23. Bisley


    What are you hunting with a 223 that you need GMX bullets for? They are an extremely hard gilded metal, not copper. If hunting predators, I don't think you'll get the performance you want. I think Lehigh Bullets in 45 or 55gr would be your best bet. I know Shoot-it has dropped a few in their tracks with them. And they are much easier to find a load for (for me) than the GMX. And I'm a Hornady fan!
  24. Hey Tom, according to Hornady you can load those the same as you would any non GMX bullets of the same weight. So if you have a particular load with H335 you like with another 55 grain bullet use that.


    I have always used H335 for .223 loads. Recently I purchased the new Hornady reloading book, I find that they have five loads for 55 grain Hornady bullets, using H335 Except for 55 grain GMX. What is so special about the GMX 55 grain that they don't list H335 for the 55 gr. GMX? Tom
  26. Waiting is the worse part but the shooting makes up for it. I have eight .45's all 1911 style. I have a really nice Colt Commander that I've owned for 41 years. I tuned it all up as I have my other except for my Gold Cups. But since we're having some unrest in the area and since my run in with that joker in the park I'm always carrying something. Have fun with it when you get it. They love to be shot.
  27. Thanks John. I can't remember if that's the same one his wife put in her CCW. She enjoyed shooting his full size, but wanted a smaller one to carry. I have always wanted a Colt 70 series or Commander, but am not willing to pay that for a used firearm of unknown background. I don't need ambi-everything as I am who it is being bought for too. This is just a beautiful pistol with a very nice factory trigger, and known to be superb shooters. Just what I wanted. I also really like how the white dot sights stand out on the all black frame. They had one with the tritium sights, but they looked like old faded sights to me in the daytime. Since 99.99% of what I do is daytime, the white just made much more sense. These 10 days are d r a g g i n g on now lol.
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