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  1. Yesterday
  2. Factory remanufactured northern hills. 223 55 grain vmax... $165 for 500 rounds
  3. Deal! You sing............ And I'll dance lol...............
  4. I'll get drunk and sing, but Bob will have to dance...
  5. I want to see Simon and Bob sing karaoke drunk as a duet ...
  6. I can see it now, next year's new feature will be specifically for the karaoke party in the fox hole........... wait for it............. FOX BALLS
  7. Just saw this online and was wondering if anyone has tried it? If so is it any good? Is the Bluetooth range as advertised (about 40 yards)?
  8. Last week
  9. You can't forget me, you will need all the help you can get to move that thing. If I do sing karaoke, we will have to hunt. There is no better "animal in distress" sound than me trying to sing
  10. As long as they bring sushi and sashimi I am good, forget the calling and don't tell Bob
  11. You don't want that it will just attract a bunch of japanese people and you won't be able to get any calling done..
  12. Oh, make no mistake about it, I want to. I just know that once I start I can't stop . And this because ng family friendly, SJ would beat both our tails That would certainly explain the need for four rotating speakers, plus the GPS to get you to the party, and the weather details to make sure your party doesn't get rained out, plus...........
  13. 1000 sounds, may be they are making a karaoke machine
  14. Nicely built Bob! Making things, especially useful ones, is always fun. Great job!
  15. You know you want too..... .. Can you imagine scrolling threw 1,000 sounds ..holly chit !
  16. Yeah, let's say it's a hot date, I have been waiting for this day for more than a year, hopefully I'll get a happy ending, and get your mind outta the gutter, it's not what you are thinking, lol
  17. They are without a doubt a stand-up company with tremendous customer service, and no doubt the standard by which others were judged. I will say too that the only reason I got rid of my FX3 was because I had but 1 gripe with it, I wanted to at the very least see the list of calls on a screen, other than that I would have never gotten rid of it. And you are absolutely correct Bob, the prices are much more real world, but like any product, that was to be expected over time surely. But let me ask you this, do you not honestly feel that they would have benefitted better by taking all the money from R&D, new tooling & dies, not to mention all the new molds for this obscene thing and made themselves even more price competitive? This is a niche product that will never pay for itself. This! Yuppies are tech nerds, (most) hunters are simple by nature. Think of all the guys you know that hunt and ask yourself HONESTLY, would any of them buy/use this? None I know. Most people couldn't even tell you 10 sounds they have on their caller, which makes the 1000 just absurd. And I won't even start on the GPS, weather crap, etc. I have no idea what anyone could have been thinking. I find it interesting that instead of making something simple that can pretty much be set down and walk away, they make a machine that has to be unraveled like a jigsaw puzzle, and speakers set in all directions. Sure seems like a lot of movement and noise before making a stand. I could be wrong, but I just don't see people willing to do all that, plus haul around a huge call. We shall see.......... Not even with a 100' pole will I touch that one
  18. I concur, that's why MY table has one. Anyone borrowing this table is on their own
  19. I like the cs24 but can't stand that remote. Big as a house and the button layout sucks. Plus it eats batteries.
  20. Ok the favorite button brings up a screen that you can add up to 6 of your favorite sounds. Very easy to add or delete. On the remote distance about twice as far as a foxpro. I tried an external speaker for fun as I had one for my minaska bandit. Ran it fine and very loud for the folks that want that. Amazing that they can get enough power out of 4 AA s. On the note of the batts , you can't seem to kill them as they last a long time.
  21. I heard about HBN John but haven't tried them yet.
  22. You have a hot date? It's about time.
  23. also the remote range is real good to no more holding your hand in the air to get reception ?
  24. Here is perhaps a better alternative to Moly it is HBN. It has none of the downsides of Moly with regard to corrosion.
  25. Yes, match on Sunday, February 26. No, I can't make it, tired up with something else this weekend.
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